Sunday, April 14, 2013


After 3 months living in our Motorhome, watching our High Def. TV we came home to watch our 15 year old Sony 50” Rear Screen TV and it’s “oh so blurry” screen.  The photo of the Sony IS NOT our Sony. The photo was copied off the internet.
It didn’t take a week and I had enough! The old TV had to go. Also what had to go was the TV Cable service from WOW our cable provider. We just had too many TV outages last summer, and while we were away, the outages continued. Plus they raised their rates!
Costco was advertising a special deal for members if they signed up to Directv. Perfect timing so I signed up.
New Directv Dish installed
Now as I look out of the window in our second story bedroom, (our computer room), this is what I see. The new Directv Dish that was installed on the fireplace chimney.
I did my research on the web, feeling confortable with the Samsung brand. Looking at the Costco web site, I picked this Model.
Of course going to the store I found out that the web site was showing “last years model” and for a couple $$$$ more they had “this years model”. The Costco employee explained in detail the difference between the two. I chose the one in the store.
Showing Directv Menu
And you can’t get a modern High Def. TV without a new cabinet to put it on! Eye rolling smile So it was off to our local furniture store, Art Van.
We are both very happy with our selection and the quality of the picture on the new TV! Money well spent, especially if it lasts as long as our old Sony.
Heard a back-hoe working this morning in our neighborhood. Looks like our neighbor, who just purchased this home, has some main sewer problems. Very common in our neighborhood.
Neighbor Sewer Problems
Mine was replaced many many years ago. Thankfully.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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