Monday, April 29, 2013

Windows XP Computer Dies. Motorhome Area Under Construction

Saturday as the rain fell from the skies, I sat in front of another Windows XP computer that was seeing it’s last few minutes in existence.

Wilma's Windows XP Dead PC

It started about a week ago, Wilma told me that the computer was running slower and slower every day. Going over to it I noticed right away something was bad wrong. The hard drive just kept reading the drive. At first I thought it might be some malware and it was a “host” to sending out spam. I unplugged the Ethernet cable, disconnecting it from the internet. That didn’t slow it down a bit. It took almost 10 minutes for it to just shut down.

On a re-boot I did the usual scans with Malwarebytes, CCleaner, AVG anti virus scan with nothing found. I thought I might just as well “restore” windows with the two Windows recovery discs that were made when we first received the computer.

Putting in disc 1, I was prompted to “Format C:” prior to the re-installation of Windows XP. The formatting went well, as did the first 15 minutes of installing the files of XP. Then the problems started. The CD drive was reading the files, but the hard drive stopped writing them. Then screen after screen of telling me to eject the CD, clean it off, and re-insert. Slowly it started to copy the files again, at least for about 10 minutes before the same thing happened. After fooling with it for more than 6 hours I through in the towel. An XP machine just wasn’t worth even half this much work! I pronounced it DEAD! It will be seeing the scrap yard for recycling in the near future.

Lucky for us, or maybe not, we had yet another XP computer sitting as a spare just waiting for a chance to come to life. After another 3 hours I had everything on it that Wilma needs to surf the net. All the Window XP updates, Microsoft Security Essentials for the anti virus, Chrome for surfing the web with all her bookmarks installed. She is now using yet another computer with a limited life expectancy. Fingers crossedAt least I salvaged 1 MB of ram out of the dead puter and installed it in her new puter. So now she has a booming 2 MB of ram. Eye rolling smile

On another subject….the area where the Motorhome used to be parked between the house and garage.

Where the Motorhome used to be parked

This whole area is in for some major changes! As we left our Motorhome in Florida, we are not ever expecting to drive it back home to Michigan again. So it’s time to get this area cleaned up!

We always wanted a “Rose Garden”. So an area 2 ft. X 20 ft. along the side of the garage was chosen to be the new rose garden. Before it could be used though, the slag and stone had to be removed. Digging down about 4 inches and sifting the gravel out of the soil resulted in the photo below.

The pile of stone removed from the rose bed

My best friend Gary is going to take the gravel back to his place to fill in some low spots in his county driveway. Thanks my bud for taking this off my hands!

Size of the gravel under the slag and dirt

The entire area between the Rose garden and the white fence needs to be removed to a depth of 4 inches and hauled away. Sounds like a job for a topsoil contractor who has a truck and a front end loader. I shudder what this will cost us, but grass just will not grow if planted above the slag and stone base. Calls will be placed to several local contractors for their bids and thoughts. An update will surely follow in future blog posts.

That’s about it for now…so be safe and God Bless.


  1. I really liked the XP system, but that was many systems ago. Now have a windows 8 system on a new laptop and really dislike it:(

  2. We are still running one XP and one Vista machine. I am dying to buy a laptop with Windows 8 so I can play with that for awhile. Having two iPads though and 1 iPod is enough for now :-)

  3. I'm still running Winders XP, and it seems to be hanging in there. Your issues sound as though there may have been some mechanical issues as well? Something up with the drive? No matter. Computers change/evolve so fast anyway, getting an update is never a bad thing.

  4. ' to use them, have no clue how to fix 'em.

  5. I would guess that old XP computer has served you well over the years but it's time to say good-bye! It sounds like a hard drive malfunction to me, but who knows - it's been spinning around billions of times over the years! My 6 year old laptop is beginning to groan under the load of all the new apps and java stuff on websites today as it only has 2GB's of RAM. I'll be looking for a replacement soon I think.