Thursday, May 9, 2013

A New Look in our Yard.

A busy day around our home today! I needed to get a new drive belt for the lawnmower installed, cut the lawn and apply grub killer today. As I was working on the lawnmower in the garage around 9:30 am, up drives John from JC Landscaping to begin the work of removing the gravel/dirt. I talked to him last week about what I would like done. We agreed on a price for the job and today was the day it would be completed.

Wilma and I talked about how long we have had an RV of various sorts parked there. We estimated close to 32 years. From a pop-up, used 23 ft. Layton Travel Trailer, new 26 ft. Fourwinds Travel Trailer, and finally our 38 ft. Class A Winnebago Motorhome.

The morning we left for Florida last December was the last time our Motorhome was parked in its place here in the yard.

14 inches of snow had to be removed away from our Motorhome

I had to shovel 14 inches of snowfall to get out of our yard to the street.

Last week the area was ready for the contractor to remove the dirt/gravel and install fresh topsoil and sod.

Where the Motorhome used to be parked

This morning the work began. That gravel area was hard packed from many many years of RV parking. A job for a pro. Enter JC Landscaping.

John begins removing gravel/dirt.

Using the back blade, he scraped the surface many times removing a thin layer each time, of the hard packed dirt/gravel.

Some gravel yet to be removed.

After several hours, he had enough removed to apply the topsoil in preparation for the sod. The area is starting to look better already! Smile

New Topsoil applied.

After the topsoil was leveled out, he told me he would be back later with the sod. I was anxious to see the results.

I then cut the lawn, applied the Grub killer and took a breather on the deck with a large Ice Tea prepared just for me by Wilma. Open-mouthed smile After a cool down enjoying the ice tea, it was time to get cleaned up. Dad was coming over for dinner in a couple hours.

Just as we were getting ready to sit down to dinner, John showed up to install the sod. Before we were done with dinner, the sod was installed. John was paid in full, and I was pleased with the outcome.

Dad looking over the new sod.

Looks like I might have a riding lawn mower in my future. Fingers crossedOpen-mouthed smile 

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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