Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grand Daughter Brooke’s BDay, & A Cookout/Bonfire

We gathered at Angel’s home to celebrate Brooke’s 13th. birthday last Saturday. It just doesn’t seem possible that she is a teenager already! I jokingly told her what she can expect in life now that she has entered the “terrible teens”. But of course she didn’t believe a word of it!

Blowing out the candles before they burn the house down.

But you just have to joke around to make it a special occasion and fun for everyone, which we all did have a great time.

Youngest Grand Daughter Savannah, 9 years old.

With this birthday now gone, there is one more Grandchild under the “terrible teens” age. Our youngest Grandchild Savannah, who will be celebrating her 10th. birthday later this year. My how the time is flying by!

We left the birthday party and headed to my best friend Gary’s home. He and his wife Cheryl invited us out for a BBQ dinner and a Bonfire afterward. I’ve known Gary since we were in 5th. grade, he is like a brother to me, and I respect his every wish. One of those wishes is not to have his photo on “the internet”. So for that reason I won’t be showing any of the great photo’s with him in them.

Not only did they prepare BBQ Short Ribs, with all the dishes, but the Chicken Kabobs were just fantastic!

Chicken Kabobs

Along with us being invited, his daughter and step daughter also arrived with their kids. What a great treat to see them again.

Gary & Cheryl's daughters and grandchildren

After dinner on the deck, everyone gathered at the fire pit for the famous Bonfire.

Now that's a Bonfire.

It’s almost an hour’s drive back home, so we had to leave at 9pm at the last light of the day. On our way home we were greeted by a spectacular moon rising. If only I could have captured a photo of it. Everyone has seen these moons before, the ones that when they are rising on the horizon they look as big as the sun. An eerie looking golden moon kept my attention as Wilma drove us home safely. By the time we arrived back home it was almost 10:15pm. we called it a wonderful day and fell asleep.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Not many of us have friends that go back that far.

  2. Happy Birthday to Brooke on her 13th birthday! And, condolences to the rest of her family as she enters the "terrible teens"!!

    That is what I call a real campfire.