Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Yard Work

Every Thursday we have been inviting Dad over for a home cooked dinner. But before Wilma started cooking dinner she cut some flowers off her Lilac bush.

Lilac flowers

The aroma filled the house within minutes. Oh how we love the smell of Spring flowering bushes and trees.

Dad had said in the past that he likes Pot Pies, so Wilma decided to cook a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.  Dad really enjoys Wilma’s cooking, but this past Thursday she out did herself.

Wilma's Chicken Pot Pie

Oh was it ever delicious and the three of us enjoyed every bite!

This morning I started my day like usual. Reading articles on the internet while I have my morning coffee. This morning was no different with Kybee, our Pug, looking on. Winking smile

Every morning Kybee checks out the web with me.

After breakfast Wilma and I headed outdoors to work in the yard. She planting her flowers, I planting the garden.


Gerber Daisy

A flat of summer flowers

I think this year I may have over bought tomato’s. Eye rolling smile Menards was selling them so cheap I just couldn’t help myself. I’m glad my great neighbors love tomato’s. Smile

24 Better Boy Tomato's on left, 6 Jalapeno and 12 Roma Tomato's on left

After the garden was planted, I headed for the Lilac bush area that was in desperate need of a clean up.

Lilac bush before cleanup

Years of neglect and it started to take over the area between the deck and the air conditioner. With shovel in one hand, and an ax in the other, I took on the Lilac area.

Lilac area after cleanup

I think it came out pretty nice and neat looking. Plus now there is a place for the hose real.

It’s now close to 2pm and I believe it’s nap time! Open-mouthed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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