Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Grill

Today started out as a “I’m not going to do anything” day. That thinking lasted just about 3 hours and I got antsy enough to get off my rear end and find something that needed to be done.

Seeing how I have at least 3 different “jobs” needing to be done or completed, I decided to finish work on the Grill.

Last week I started the grill project by taking it apart and looking on the internet for replacement parts. I knew the cast iron burner was shot, but I really needed to get a close look at the rest of the parts. Sure enough the Burner was shot, along with the twin venturi, steel grate, and igniter. Amazon had the parts, plus free shipping and NO tax! That’s a for sure sale, so the order was placed. Prompt delivery within 5 days and I was happy with what was delivered.

So today I figured it would be a very easy repair starting with a good power wash.

Ready for a Power Wash

Wilma brought out her car mats for a good power was also. Boy did they ever need it, as did the grill.

After power washing, I took another close look at the old parts next to the new parts. Making sure everything would fit.

Old burner, grate and igniter

Reading some of the ratings from people that had ordered these parts, I knew the burner wasn’t an exact replacement, but close enough.

New next to Old

So the install began…….Three hours later the grill was all re-assembled with the new parts. Test fired great. Job well done. Now for some “I’m not doing nothing today”. Winking smile

Oh yes…. Got the First Rose off our new bushes yesterday. Cut it from the plant, removed the thorns and gave it to my Hon. Open-mouthed smile

1st. Rose

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. good job on the grill...better job at picking that beautiful yellow rose and giving it
    to your honey.

  2. You must be the grill fairy! Wow...taking the time to fix one like new....I admire you.