Sunday, July 7, 2013

Birthday’s and Bicycle Parade

Several years ago, maybe 6 or more, a Grandfather had an idea to share with his grandchildren when they came for a visit on July 4th. He brought out his riding lawn mower, hiked his grandchild aboard, and took a short drive around the block. The following year he did this again, this time with his other grandchildren following him on their bikes. The following year once again with many neighborhood kids riding their bikes. This parade grew in size until most everyone in the sub division either joined in or watched taking up their seats in front of their homes.

Enjoying the Bike Parade

Then came the Antique Fire Truck, driven by a volunteer fireman, with the Mayor riding along. The local Ambulance company furnished an Ambulance with lights and siren blowing.

Antique Fire truck with Mayor Barb enjoying the ride.

The parade passes our home!

Each year that passed the parade became larger and larger. More and more neighbors joined in.

No end in sight!

This year we even had a famous Congressman. Sandy Levin joined in on the parade.

Far left, Congressman Sandy Levin.

Our fire department won’t be out done, so they followed up with their Ladder Truck.

Our Ladder Truck

What a great parade! And a great way to get the family together for some Brats and Dogs and to celebrate Wilma’s and Grandson Dakota’s birthdays.

Nana and Dakota celebrate BDay's blowing out the candles

Dakota celebrates his 16th. birthday this year, and Wilma celebrates her… Eye rolling smile …maybe we won’t tell the number of birthday’s. Both of them enjoyed their special day once again.

16 Year Old Grandson Dakota

A different generation I guess, I just can’t figure out the reason for the weird hair on these kids today. Disappointed smile Oh well, he is my Grandson and no matter what I love him!

Wilma finds a surprise.

And can you tell Wilma is enjoying her Birthday wishes today?

Wilma had a surprise visit from her niece Taleaitha, whom she hasn’t seen in years!

Niece Taleaitha with Wilma

What a great time was had by all today, now we can look forward to listening to WWIII this evening, and trying to comfort our little pug, Kybee. Hopefully the loud bangs won’t last too long into the night.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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