Saturday, July 13, 2013

Garden n Flowers

I haven’t been able to find a cause as of yet, but there is something wrong with the garden. It seems the new leaves are not forming correctly. This is happening on the tomato plants and the jalapeno plants.

Jalapeno Plants

Jalapeno Plants

Not just a few of the plants, but all 6 of the Jalapeno plants. I looked for aphids or other bugs finding none.

The leaves form in curls.

No sign of any bugs or worms on the tomato’s . Very puzzling indeed. Eye rolling smile Maybe one of my readers might leave a comment with a reason or suggestion.

The Roma tomato's look great.

One side of the garden are the Jalapeno plants and Roma tomato plants. To the left of that row is the Early Girl tomato plants that are not looking as healthy.

Most of the Early Girl tomato's are not looking as healthy.

Wilma however is not having any such problems with her plants. They all look great!




The roses are finally taking hold and blooming.


Her moss roses are doing great also. She planted them on both sides of the walkway to the deck.



Can’t forget the other side of the yard where she created a “rock garden” to show off her flowers.

Rock garden in the corner of the yard.

I guess it’s a case of “The Beauty and the Beast” for us this year. Wilma’s plants looking great, mine not so great.


Yesterday we celebrated our 43rd. wedding anniversary with our very best friends Gary and Cheryl. Not knowing to us, they treated us out to dinner plus for desert a “No Sugar Added” pie with candles was brought to our table at the end of dinner. What a great surprise! After dinner we headed back home for the guys to challenge the gals at Euchre. The gals won, 3 games to 2. Embarrassed smile

Here we are 43 years ago.


My gosh we were just kids at 20 and 19. But we had true love, and the world by the tail! What a wonderful life we have been blessed with. We are looking forward to the future of celebrating many many more anniversaries.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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