Saturday, July 20, 2013

Winds Cause House and Tree Damage

Yesterday around 7:30 PM it hit without much warning. The sun was shining one minute, the next minute the sky turned black and the wind started blowing extremely hard. Wilma and I were on the second floor when we started hearing the wind. I jumped up, looked outside, noticed the trees were blowing in circular directions. The house started to make cracking noises coming from the attic or roof. The rain was falling in circular directions, then came the hale. We started to head for the basement, but by the time we got to the basement door the wind stopped. Very, very creepy indeed. We both looked outside and found this in our side yard.

Looking N. from the front yard


There was 7 branches that were snapped off in one of two trees on our side yard. Half of the branches landed in the front yard next to the tree, the others were in our side yard.

Looking west in the front yard

Snapped off limbs from severe winds

We also have two decorative trees between the sidewalk and street in the front yard. One of them suffered wind fatigue. It is now leaning toward our home.

Looking S from the front yard at my "Leaning Tree"

My "Now Leaning" tree from the force of the wind

The tree damage wasn’t the only thing damaged. We also have a small amount of Home damage.

Aluminum trim blown off house

Gutter Helmet and shingle damage.

A phone call to the insurance company was made, not being opened I ended up talking to their answering service. I expect I won’t hear from them until Monday sometime.

Looking NE at our home

It amazes me how “mother nature” works. So much damage from one healthy tree and just 30 feet away no damage at all to the other tree. And on the home just the two minor pieces of damage. We were truly blessed.

Until next time, be safe and God bless.

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