Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Hobby? Quite Possibly!

Going back to the year of 1878, my great-grandfather started to assemble the family in a yearly gathering. This family gathering has been going on for the past 135 years. It has always been held on the third Sunday in July. At this years reunion I was privileged to meet a long distant cousin. Meeting Terry and his wife was exciting. Especially since his grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. I don't really know what the title would be except he's my cousin.

Terry's grandfather left the state of Michigan and settled in the state of Iowa. Terry having an interest in genealogy began recording his side of the family, starting with our great grandfather Christopher who was born in 1849. Terry brought with him his iPad and started to show me some of the information he had gathered. I was getting hooked! I mentioned that I would like to begin doing this on my side of the family. He told me what computer programs he was using so that I may purchase the same, which I did. This way we will be able to exchange information in the future. He mentioned it was his dream to be able to visit our great grandfathers grave site. I, knowing where that grave site is located agreed to take him and his wife their the very next day. My father also went with us.

Myself, Dad Fred Hagedorn, and Terry HagedornThe photo above shows us all standing behind Christopher's grave plots marker stone. My dad took the time to point out the several headstones, and who they were in relation to us.

Great Grandfather

Great Grandmother

My Great-grandfather and Great-grandmother, Christopher and Caroline.


My Grandfather and Grandmother, William and Lena.



Knowing that this might be the last time that we will be able to experience this time together here, made it even  more special. I believe it made a permanent memory in all of our minds.

I look forward to working with Terry sharing family information. As our Great-grandfather Christopher had three sons and three daughters, our work together is cut out for us.

Until next time be safe and God bless.

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  1. That is very interesting. I have often thought about doing that but my knowledge of my forebears is very sketchy and almost non existent. Everybody but one cousin who knows about as much as I is dead so nobody to ask.Good luck with your search.