Friday, August 2, 2013

Camping With The Grand Daughters

Every year for the past 13 years, Wilma and I have taken our Grand Kids on a camping trip. Usually the trips last about 3 days, that’s about as long as the youngest could be away from their mothers. This year was no exception, except our Grand Son Dakota decided he would pass on going camping.

This year was quite different. All the past trips were made with our 38’ Winnebago Adventurer. The photo below was taken in 2003.

Brooke, our 3 year old Grand Daughter

But as we had left our Motorhome in Florida this past Spring, another plan was made. Instead of an RV we were going to stay in a Cabin. Our membership in Outdoor Adventures is the perfect park for those who have RV’s or not. We chose to stay in one of their Cabins, (Photo's here) mainly because of their location in the park. That being within a short walk to everything the kids love to do, a few of them being the game room, beach, fishing lake, and the store.

Grand Daughters heading to the lake just past the dome buildings.

We all loved our (not so little) cabin. Wilma and I had a bedroom to ourselves, and the girls had more than enough room in the upstairs loft. Everything furnished except the linens, clothing, and food.

Getting ready to feed the fish with bread in hand.

So many minnows you can actually catch them by hand!

Look at the first photo of the Motorhome taken 10 years ago with Brooke. Now look how our Brooke has grown! My how time is flying by.

The second day was the best of the three. The kids were active doing things from sun up to sun down. A portion of the day was spent at the beach. As a tradition, we had lunch under the trees at the beach before they all went their ways, catching fish and sun tanning.

Lunch before the beach time.

As the kids are growing up, they are able to take care of themselves without our constant supervision. A perk that Wilma and I enjoy as much as they do. Smile

After dinner there was a perfect time for some Watermelon seed spitting.

Spitting watermellon seeds.

I used to be pretty good at that, but I believe the kids are getting better at it. Wilma caught the photo at the perfect time showing how I ended up launching a little more than the seeds. Embarrassed smile

The evening came and it was time for Smores. But first Wilma had to take care of keeping those pesky mosquito’s away.

Mosquito protection.

Our third day greeted us with an overcast sky and sprinkles. This was not going to ruin our camping trip as there were many things that was planned for today.

Even with the sprinkle of rain, the kids made the best of it.

Between sprinkles, there was a Putt Putt Golf game to play.


After the Putt-Putt game came the Tie Dye shirt creations. I had heard of people doing Tie Dye before but this was the first time I actually got to see how it was done.

Nana helping with the shirt preparation

First the shirt preparation, then the Dying. Wow this could get messy if not careful.

A balled up shirt squirted with an assortment of colors of dye.

And each shirt is custom and different. I think they came out very nice. A momento of this years camping trip for sure.

Their custom made tie dye shirts

Afterwards, as in the past, a trip to the snack bar was made for a scoop of ice cream! This has been done each year and the kids look forward to it. So do I Winking smile.

Enjoying a mouth full of ice cream.

What a wonderful time we all had this year. Wilma and I actually believe, after hearing the kids say, “This was the very best camping trip ever!” Yes, I have to agree. Even the sprinkles didn’t ruin it for us.

We are already looking forward to next year for another great “Camping Trip With The Grand Daughters”. Hopefully our Grandson Dakota will join us next year. Fingers crossed

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Looks like great fun! We are hoping that in the not to distant future we will be able to take a couple of our grand kids camping:)