Monday, August 19, 2013

Homemade Salsa

Our garden this year is in sorry shape struggling to stay alive from the lack of water. It has produced a few tomatoes, enough to make a batch of salsa. First thing this morning I went out and picked what was left of the ripe tomatoes on the plants. Took them in the house, looked at the famous recipe that called for 10 pounds of tomatoes. To the scale I went with the tomatoes, I only had 5 pounds. So I just cut the recipe amounts in half.

5 pounds of Tomato's from the Garden

Looking at the small bowl of tomatoes and the other bowl containing the secret ingredients, I didn't figure I'd have much more than a couple of pint jars worth of salsa.

In goes 5 pounds of Tomatoes The grinding of the tomatoes began, they were added to the cooking pot along with the secret ingredients. Simmered slowly for almost an hour. The end result is great tasting salsa!

1st. batch of 2013 SalsaNot a bad production run, especially since my tomato plants are in such bad shape. Two quarts, two pints, and a sample bowl.

Wilma and I both tried a sample. The spice level was at its maximum for her.  But for me it was just perfect. A little bit of heat, but not enough to make you run for the fire hydrant.

Until next time, be safe and God bless