Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trip back home

We arrived here in Kentucky, childhood home State of Wilma’s, last Tuesday evening. We are staying with her brother Eddie and his wife Beth. Enjoying the Summer evening breeze under the shade trees.

Front Yard Everyone had alot of catching up to do, talking about family and friends. I was enjoying the relaxing atmosphere that Eddie and Beth always find it so easy to give us.

Enjoying the cool of the shade tree They are the proud owners of a beautiful home built in the early 1900’s. Huge rooms, something that isn’t seen in today’s homes.

Side Drive The next day we paid a visit to cousin Linda’s home.

Wilma & Linda She couldn’t wait to show us her brand new deck that she just had built. Mark did a fantastic job. Sorry now that we didn’t get any photo’s, maybe in a future post.

Heading back home to Eddie’s, we stopped at the Cemetery so Wilma could place flowers on her Mom, Dad, Brother Ricky and Sister Vicki’s Head Stone.

Placing flowers on Mom, Dad, Ricki and Vicki's Head Stone From there we headed back to Eddie’s home where we all ended up taking a nap. Getting woke up at 2am the night before by the  Air Raid Siren just a couple lots away from Eddie’s home made for an un-restful nights sleep. But after a couple hours of rest from our nap we were ready to go. That is to a Great Mexican Restaurant!

Fantastic Mexican restaurant Casa Mexicana Restaurant have two locations. One in Madisonville the other in Providence Ky. We were at the one in Madisonville.

Mexican dinner tonight For those who know me, I’m not a big fan of Mexican food. But…this place gets the highest ratings I could possibly give a restaurant. What great food! We will most likely go back there again. In fact, every year we come “down home” we will probably go there for a dinner.

Today is Thursday, woke up with some bothersome news from home. Our eldest grand daughter Haley, had a terrible abdomen attack. Ended up going to the hospital and after tests, had surgery to remove her Appendix. We are keeping in touch with both daughters on her condition.

After morning coffee we decided to make a visit to cousin Greg’s home. But we also decided to make a stop at a local restaurant for some breakfast.

The "Good Ol Boys" Pit BBQ Restaurant  It was 7:30am when we arrived, and so humid outside that the photo above was blurred from the humidity forming on the lens.

Eddie and Wilma after breakfast We just love going to the local restaurants, getting away from those large “Chain” restaurants. Much better food and much better prices!

Entrance to the "Good Ole Boys" Pit BBQ Restaurant Nothing fancy…..just great food to enjoy!

From there we headed over to Cousin Greg’s home. He is always working around the garden harvesting the crop to give away to neighbors and friends. Today was no exception.

Cousins Greg and Wilma We also helped him pick, boil, shuck, cut, and bag about 100 ears of corn for several work buddies. He also gave Eddie around 65 ears of corn that we are going to prepare tonight for dinner.

Wilma hopefully not getting lost in the corn field Yesterday Greg was telling us he processed over 1300 ears of corn, of course he had plenty of help. He has it all down to a science, the different “stages” that have to be done. Positioning his helpers explaining how to do their particular job. When the process starts, it works like a fine oiled machine. After several hours, we headed back home with the great feeling of helping others. Two other families were there receiving corn from Greg. He is just one excellent person.

We knew it was getting warmer outside and the humidity was hitting a high peak. The air conditioner in our car was just blowing out cool, not cold, air. When we arrived home at Eddies we looked at the thermometer outside and saw this.

Temps hit 100 F. in the shade today. Yep…it’s dang HOT outside today! We are going to stay inside the rest of the day. And as I post this blog, Eddie is asleep on the recliner, Wilma is taking a nap. So I guess I’ll just sit back, enjoy the air conditioning and maybe take a nap also!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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