Friday, October 4, 2013

Driveway Done, Tomatoes Too

I know I have been really busy this past summer, but looking at the last post to this blog it has been three weeks already. Man, where does the time go.

Really, I’ve been keeping very busy with my Family History and Genealogy. My cousin Terry from Iowa has been collecting data for over 10 years now. His Great Grandfather, being the eldest of 6 children, and my Great Grandfather, being the second eldest were brothers. We are now working together getting our records in sync. With the amount of data he has it would take me a lifetime to add it all to my data base. But what ever he is willing to share with me, I’m very happy to receive it and share with my link of the family. I know you read this blog Terry, and you know how in debt I am to you for all your help. Thank you ever so much. I have been on the computer every evening for hours since August working on getting our family book in order, and I cannot thank Terry enough.

A few days ago a co-worker of mine phoned and asked if we would like to go to the Camper show. Sure, even though we are not even thinking of a new RV, it’s always nice to go and see what’s new in the RV world. One thing stood out to me the most. THE PRICES! Wow have they ever hit the roof, so to speak. Looks like I’m never going to buy another new RV that’s for sure!

Today’s weather was just perfect for working outside. I have been wanting to seal the joints in the drive for some time now. Today I finally finished. It took 3 runs to Home Depot, just because I never seem to purchase everything I need for a job at the first visit to the store. This time it took double the amount of tubes of sealant than I had thought.

9 Joints now sealed

But at least I shouldn’t have to be concerned about freezing and thawing in the Winter and cement damage.

Joints were past due to be sealed

Not only is the Driveway done, the Tomato plants are just about done also.

The Last of the Tomatoes

Everyone I have talked to expressed the same feelings when I asked how their tomatoes were doing this year. Terrible was the answer I usually got. It must have been the cold wet spring weather everyone had. So we will look forward to next year and see if they do any better.

Gotta go and get back to our family descendants.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Looks like you could indulge in lots of fried green tomatoes! :)

  2. Tomato relish and fried green tomatoes! Sounds like a winner.......yummmm