Saturday, October 12, 2013

Farmers Market- Jalapeno Relish

Another beautiful sunny, clear blue skies fall day and we just couldn’t stay inside today. Wilma mentioned that the Farmers Market would be opening this morning with something special.

October brings in the fall crop

The local farmers held a special event today called “Soup Day”. You buy a special cup for a reasonable price of only $4.00, and your entitled to free soup. There were at least 3 different soups available. Buy a mug, get the soup free Wilma had a “Creamy Vegetable” and I had “Stuffed Pepper”. Wow were they ever good!

Enjoying a Cup of Soup

Maybe it was the cool fall morning, the atmosphere of the open air Farmers Market, or what ever. The soups were delicious. Even had to go back for a second cup of soup.

Mt. Clemens Weekly "Farmers Market"

Every year we look forward to at least one visit to the Mt. Clemens Farmers Market. Some of the prices are a little higher than the local grocery stores, but your supporting our local farmers and the freshness can’t be beat!

Leaving the Market, the sun reminded us how bad the car needed to be washed. So off to car wash we went. From there we worked up a hunger Eye rolling smileand decided to visit our favorite local restaurant, Dee Dee’s Family Restaurant, where we had a delicious breakfast.

Returning home, Wilma made a visit to her Sister Connie, while I worked in the yard.

Dead plants, over grown ground cover.

The patio area was in desperate need of attention, so I went to work here first.

That's better!

In another month the rest of the plants will be killed off and I’ll put the pots in the garage for the winter.

Next I headed for the garden, time to pick all the Jalapeno’s and get rid of the tomato plants.

The Last of the Tomatoes

Didn’t get a photo of them gone, but the garden is almost ready for it’s winter sleep. The rose garden did pretty good for it’s first year I think. I’m happy with the turn out of roses.

Sunny Fall day at the Rose Garden

The Jalapeno’s ended up on the kitchen counter getting cleaned and processed for relish.

Cooking the Jalapeno to make relish

This is my first try at making some relish. Hopefully it will be as delicious as Wilma’s cousin Greg's’, who gave me the recipe.

4 Roses from our Rose Garden, 4 Pints of Jalapeno Relish from the Veg. Garden

The finished product of 4 pints is well worth the little work it takes to produce the relish.

I think I have over extended my work day, time for a well deserved nap! Winking smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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