Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grand Daughter Haley Turns 21

It was planned as a surprise get together for Haley’s 21’s Birthday party. Everyone gathered at our home, waiting for Tina to arrive with Haley. As she wasn’t aware of this, she just took her sweet time getting ready. Tina was pacing the floor, knowing they were already a half hour later than expected.

Haley finally arrives

After the excitement of a surprise get together for her, her sisters and cousin just had to let her know how slow she really is. All in fun of course.

Surprise! Happy Birthday

It didn’t take us long to get seated for our dinner, and afterward Haley opened her gifts and cards.

Now legal to consume.

Instead of a Birthday Cake, Nana purchased a fresh Pumpkin Pie, Haley’s favorite.

Blowing out 21 invisable candles

And you just can’t forget the Whipped Cream and Ice Cream. Haley had first pick of the pie.

Would you like some Pie with that Whip Cream?!

We all had a great family get together, with plenty of laughs and jokes. Can’t forget the delicious meal that Nana fixed us also! Open-mouthed smile Happy Birthday Haley!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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