Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween and Blackberry Jelly

We were spared from the Halloween goblins. No tricks just treats. We didn’t count on so many kids showing up this year as the weather was windy with a drizzle of rain. But we were so wrong! Wilma said she bought enough candy to give out to about 200 kids.

Grand Daughters Rebecca and Haley handing out the candy.

The Grand daughters, Rebecca and Haley, had to turn off the porch light before the kids stopped showing up. We ran out of candy!

Brooke and Savannah trading favorite candy.

"Pa" clowning around with the Grand Kids.

So you know what that means? As the photo will remind me, “You my friend will buy MORE CANDY for next year”! Don’t want to have any of those “Trickers” around do we?

Used up the final bunch of Blackberries Saturday. Made more Blackberry Jam, and Jelly.

Jelly on the left, Jam on the right.

This was a first for making the jelly from the excess juice of the berries. The first batch of jelly didn’t set up, possibly because I made it with Splenda so Wilma could enjoy it. I made the modifications to the recipe.  This morning I tried it on some toast. It’s perfect, and we will enjoy it for many mornings on our toast.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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