Sunday, December 22, 2013

Google Let Me Down!

As many of you know, I love Google. Sure there are those who say Google records every move you do on the internet, and frankly I don’t care as I don’t have anything to hide.


I love my E-Mail service from them, having more than one account. I’ve used their Maps more than once with excellent results. Love that street view! If you know where I live, go to Google Maps street view and see me waving to ya! Smile

When I first moved to a “Smart Phone” I chose a Motorola Droid from Verizon. Of course it runs on the Android platform, which again is Google. Love my Droid! And so many other applications Google has that I use and love.

BUT….Google let me down!


I have been using the Picasa photo service for years. Watching it grow from an infant to maturity. Loved it! Both the computer version and the Web version. Still use it on my computers and probably will continue to for many years. BUT…


Since Google came out with Google+, known as G+, their photo sharing on Picasa has changed. Google wants everyone to use the G+ photo sharing features. It’s confusing to the non Google user, and was a little trying even for me. But I managed to accept it.

Also as some of you know, I have volunteered to take over the family records, going back to my Great Grandfather. This has been a pleasure to take over and I had a great idea to open a G+ site for all the family members to keep in touch by. Even went so far as uploading many photo’s and sharing them with family members. BUT….some members could see them others couldn’t. No rhyme or reason. No pattern to look at to correct. Nothing. It just was not reliable.

I sent out an E-Mail to my family members who should have been receiving the G+ photo’s, informing them that I was stopping the photo sharing on G+ until I find another service that was acceptable. It wasn’t long when a cousin in Iowa, Terry, contacted me and suggested I look at the service he uses.


Shutterfly looks very promising! Terry and I have been working together on a “family site” for the past week. We are getting close to allowing a couple family members access to it so they can give us their suggestions and first hand experience with the site. The more input we can get from family, the more we can improve the site. I don’t see it being ready until after the holiday’s but the wait will be worth it. I’m confidant that my family will be pleased with the new site.

I’m so impressed with Shutterfly that in the future I most likely will be moving all my photo’s from G+ over to Shutterfly. That is another project that can’t get done in just a few days or weeks! But I do see it happening.

Three days till Christmas! Excited to have the Daughters and Grandkids over for our Christmas get together.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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