Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grand Daughter Brooke’s BDay, & A Cookout/Bonfire

We gathered at Angel’s home to celebrate Brooke’s 13th. birthday last Saturday. It just doesn’t seem possible that she is a teenager already! I jokingly told her what she can expect in life now that she has entered the “terrible teens”. But of course she didn’t believe a word of it!

Blowing out the candles before they burn the house down.

But you just have to joke around to make it a special occasion and fun for everyone, which we all did have a great time.

Youngest Grand Daughter Savannah, 9 years old.

With this birthday now gone, there is one more Grandchild under the “terrible teens” age. Our youngest Grandchild Savannah, who will be celebrating her 10th. birthday later this year. My how the time is flying by!

We left the birthday party and headed to my best friend Gary’s home. He and his wife Cheryl invited us out for a BBQ dinner and a Bonfire afterward. I’ve known Gary since we were in 5th. grade, he is like a brother to me, and I respect his every wish. One of those wishes is not to have his photo on “the internet”. So for that reason I won’t be showing any of the great photo’s with him in them.

Not only did they prepare BBQ Short Ribs, with all the dishes, but the Chicken Kabobs were just fantastic!

Chicken Kabobs

Along with us being invited, his daughter and step daughter also arrived with their kids. What a great treat to see them again.

Gary & Cheryl's daughters and grandchildren

After dinner on the deck, everyone gathered at the fire pit for the famous Bonfire.

Now that's a Bonfire.

It’s almost an hour’s drive back home, so we had to leave at 9pm at the last light of the day. On our way home we were greeted by a spectacular moon rising. If only I could have captured a photo of it. Everyone has seen these moons before, the ones that when they are rising on the horizon they look as big as the sun. An eerie looking golden moon kept my attention as Wilma drove us home safely. By the time we arrived back home it was almost 10:15pm. we called it a wonderful day and fell asleep.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dad’s Birthday

On May 21st. Dad turned a young age of 86. Still going strong taking care of himself, home and yard work. Sometimes I don’t know how he does it, with the way I feel after doing my yard work.

The day was perfect for a gathering on the outside deck. Us four siblings all kicked in and bought the Pizza, salad, soft drinks, two kinds of pie, and two kinds of ice cream.

We ate first, then Dad opened his greeting cards and gifts.

Reading his card from us

Excited for another card










Afterwards the candles were placed in each pie, to celebrate Sister Judy and Dad’s Birthdays.

Enjoying our singing of the Birthday song

The reason for the pies and not cakes at Dad’s birthday is this.

The first 3 kids mom and dad had were born in May. Brother Ken on the 5th., Me on the 14th. Judy on the 19th. and by the 21st. on Dad’s birthday the family pretty much had their fill of birthday cakes. Dad always wanted a pie. So to this day, he still gets a Birthday Pie. Smile The 4th child Catherine, was born in August, 10 years after I, the eldest was born. Her and I keep joking on the differences in our age. Family jokes between siblings never get old, just better!

The back yard is just about finished. The recycled patio blocks were put in place, with the sod being removed first and relocated.

Recycled patio blocks make a perfect walkway.

From a prior post I took a photo of the Lilac bush area, before and after it was cleaned up. I decided that this would be a great place to place the sod that was removed from under the patio blocks.

Sod removed for walkway was placed here.

Still looks like I could use a couple more pieces of sod to complete the area in front of the AC unit though. Maybe a little grass seed will do the trick. Eye rolling smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Yard Work

Every Thursday we have been inviting Dad over for a home cooked dinner. But before Wilma started cooking dinner she cut some flowers off her Lilac bush.

Lilac flowers

The aroma filled the house within minutes. Oh how we love the smell of Spring flowering bushes and trees.

Dad had said in the past that he likes Pot Pies, so Wilma decided to cook a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.  Dad really enjoys Wilma’s cooking, but this past Thursday she out did herself.

Wilma's Chicken Pot Pie

Oh was it ever delicious and the three of us enjoyed every bite!

This morning I started my day like usual. Reading articles on the internet while I have my morning coffee. This morning was no different with Kybee, our Pug, looking on. Winking smile

Every morning Kybee checks out the web with me.

After breakfast Wilma and I headed outdoors to work in the yard. She planting her flowers, I planting the garden.


Gerber Daisy

A flat of summer flowers

I think this year I may have over bought tomato’s. Eye rolling smile Menards was selling them so cheap I just couldn’t help myself. I’m glad my great neighbors love tomato’s. Smile

24 Better Boy Tomato's on left, 6 Jalapeno and 12 Roma Tomato's on left

After the garden was planted, I headed for the Lilac bush area that was in desperate need of a clean up.

Lilac bush before cleanup

Years of neglect and it started to take over the area between the deck and the air conditioner. With shovel in one hand, and an ax in the other, I took on the Lilac area.

Lilac area after cleanup

I think it came out pretty nice and neat looking. Plus now there is a place for the hose real.

It’s now close to 2pm and I believe it’s nap time! Open-mouthed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Three Moms on Mothers Day

Both daughters, Angel and Tina, and all 5 Grand kids arrived for a Ham dinner and to celebrate this great day in honor of the Moms.

The 3 moms in my life :)

I can’t tell everyone how proud I am to have three wonderful Mom’s in our family!

Along with the Happy Mother’s Day celebration, everyone celebrated my Birthday today.

When you become old, you only get 1 candle to blow out.

Of course when one gets to a certain age, (older than dirt), only one candle is placed in the cake to blow out. Plus I don’t think I want to risk burning down the house with all the candles that might be placed in a cake for this ol timer. Winking smile

Only best wishes go out to all the Mother’s today.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A New Look in our Yard.

A busy day around our home today! I needed to get a new drive belt for the lawnmower installed, cut the lawn and apply grub killer today. As I was working on the lawnmower in the garage around 9:30 am, up drives John from JC Landscaping to begin the work of removing the gravel/dirt. I talked to him last week about what I would like done. We agreed on a price for the job and today was the day it would be completed.

Wilma and I talked about how long we have had an RV of various sorts parked there. We estimated close to 32 years. From a pop-up, used 23 ft. Layton Travel Trailer, new 26 ft. Fourwinds Travel Trailer, and finally our 38 ft. Class A Winnebago Motorhome.

The morning we left for Florida last December was the last time our Motorhome was parked in its place here in the yard.

14 inches of snow had to be removed away from our Motorhome

I had to shovel 14 inches of snowfall to get out of our yard to the street.

Last week the area was ready for the contractor to remove the dirt/gravel and install fresh topsoil and sod.

Where the Motorhome used to be parked

This morning the work began. That gravel area was hard packed from many many years of RV parking. A job for a pro. Enter JC Landscaping.

John begins removing gravel/dirt.

Using the back blade, he scraped the surface many times removing a thin layer each time, of the hard packed dirt/gravel.

Some gravel yet to be removed.

After several hours, he had enough removed to apply the topsoil in preparation for the sod. The area is starting to look better already! Smile

New Topsoil applied.

After the topsoil was leveled out, he told me he would be back later with the sod. I was anxious to see the results.

I then cut the lawn, applied the Grub killer and took a breather on the deck with a large Ice Tea prepared just for me by Wilma. Open-mouthed smile After a cool down enjoying the ice tea, it was time to get cleaned up. Dad was coming over for dinner in a couple hours.

Just as we were getting ready to sit down to dinner, John showed up to install the sod. Before we were done with dinner, the sod was installed. John was paid in full, and I was pleased with the outcome.

Dad looking over the new sod.

Looks like I might have a riding lawn mower in my future. Fingers crossedOpen-mouthed smile 

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Let the Killing Begin!

That’s it! I’ve been ready to take on the lawn weeds for two years, and today I’ve decided to let the killing begin!

I don’t know what you call these. But I call them weeds. I guess they are some kind of ground cover that was planted by my previous neighbor about 20 years ago. Our new neighbor Randy has managed to conquer them, but I still have some in the lawn.

Weeds in lawn

This morning Wilma and I went to Menards to purchase the weapons of choice, along with other items needed. I chose the Ultra Stop Lawn Weed Killer. I have never used this product before, but according to the instructions I should see some results within 24 hours.


If you noticed from the photo of the lawn above, I also have a living bug enemy. The Grub! In fact I have a pretty bad infestation of grubs. So I also picked up some of this, Bayer Advanced Grub Killer Plus.

While at Menards we also bought our tomatoes for the garden, and a tray of jalapeƱo peppers. Wilma chose a flat of what looks like a type of moss roses, and a couple hanging planters.

Tomato Plants


The first plan of attack was the weeds. Angry smileEach and every one of them got a shot of the liquid killer. In a week or so when the grubs become a little more active they will be feasting on the Grub Killer Plus. Hopefully my plan of attack will work. Fingers crossed

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.