Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Drugs on Order

The pain from my hip is getting worse by the day. I just can’t believe how quickly my hip is deteriorating. The pain is getting almost un-bearable. It is now taking more than 5 minutes to stand up from a sitting or laying position, and that’s with the help of a cane!

I made the necessary phone calls to my surgeons’ office yesterday asking for help. Today the Dr. prescribed a “narcotic” type pain medication that should relieve the pain. I’m praying it does, because the hip replacement surgery isn’t scheduled until April 15th.

With the record breaking cold weather just north of us here in Florida, it is almost impossible to travel north. Atlanta has been at a dead stop on northbound I-75 for the past 12 hours. And from the looks of it on the news, those people stuck won’t be able to move for at least another couple days. I thank God we didn’t leave here and head back home and get caught in that mess.

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  1. Hope the medication comes quickly and hope it works for you