Monday, January 6, 2014

Fishermen’s Village & A Fatal Wreck

Yesterday we took our friends Gary and Cheryl to Fisherman’s Village, in Punta Gorda. It is not only a tourist area but has a Marina for the locals.

Ready to enter Fishermen's Village One of the first stores as you enter “the village” is a candy store. I had to pass going inside, just didn’t want the temptation. Wilma, Gary and Cheryl entered and of course made a purchase. Mouth’s watering when they left the store, they couldn’t wait to taste what they had just purchased.

Purchasing candy OMG is that good candy We walked to the end of the Village where there are two restaurants waiting for us to enjoy lunch. We chose the restaurant on the second level, “Captain’s Table” so we could enjoy the beautiful 80 degree weather.

"The Captains Table" While waiting for our plates to arrive we enjoyed the sail boats entering and leaving the marina located next to the restaurant.

My plate, The Fishermans PlatterI chose the Fisherman’s Platter, Wilma chose the Captain’s Club Sandwich.

Wilma s' Club sandwich  We kept an eye on this guy as he kept an eye on us as we ate. :)

Another Sea Bird What a wonderful time the four of us had. As we headed home the traffic started to back up. Waiting in the traffic jam for at least an hour before a police officer came by telling us to turn around.

Biker accident, all 3 air lifted, 1 died. Seems a fatal accident had occurred. We found out later two bikers had collided when one passed the other and cut the other off. One of the bikers had a passenger. We don’t know which person had died, but all three were air lifted to the hospital.


  1. Nothing better than enjoying good food where you can watch the marine traffic:)

  2. Good food, good view, good company. What more can you ask for?