Friday, January 17, 2014

Hip Giving Out?! and Frost On The Oranges

For the last week now I have been to the Chiropractor 3 times. The pain going down the right leg is getting worse! At first I thought it was my Sciatic nerve that may be pinched, now I’m thinking it might be my bad hip that is going to be replaced this spring. It’s really starting to put a hamper on my daily activities. The worst pain is when getting up from a sitting position, and the first dozen or so steps. Then it eases up a bit. Monday is appointment #4 with the Chiropractor. Hopefully he can fix this.

Woke up this morning, and noticed frost on the car!!!

Frost on the car this morning Looked at the weather on the interweb and noticed it was 28 back home in MI. and just 33 here in Southern FL. Brrrr it’s cold. Hopefully it won’t ruin the orange groves and drive the cost of OJ up. The trees look like they have about a month before the harvest.

Should be receiving my tripod for the Satellite dish today. Then a call to DirecTV to see if the installer can re-locate the dish from the roof of the RV to the tripod. Their installation on the roof of the Motorhome is very un-satisfactory! Can’t even lower it down in the travel position like the old 18 inch dish. Maybe with luck I can gripe enough to DirecTV to have it relocated without a charge. If not Gary and I will re-locate it ourselves. Of course he will have to go up on the roof as this hip and leg just won’t let me do it myself.

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  1. Sure hope your hip feels better:) It is going down into the mid 20s again tonight in the FL panhandle