Sunday, January 12, 2014

Punta Gorda Craft Show

Today was the perfect day to attend a 3 block long outdoor Craft Show. Usually I’m not for walking through craft shows, but today with the perfect weather I couldn’t resist Wilma’s request to attend with her. And afterward I was glad I did.

Looking Right Standing in the middle of the Craft show, on the second block, one couldn’t see either end.

Looking Left It seemed to go on forever, and we had a look at each of the vendors selling their wares. Actually purchased several items, highly priced of course, but we just had to have them.

One thing I do love about this city is their choice of Palm Trees. These are the “best” in my book!

Beautiful Palm Tree in Punta Gorda Yep…I just never get enough of those Palm Trees. I guess that’s because in Michigan, our home state, you never see them.

Punta Gorda Palm trees Plus my daughters read this blog and want to see photo’s of them daily. Helps them with the miserable winter they are having this year.

After we had our curiosity filled at the Craft show, it was time to get our hunger filled with a delicious lunch at the local Golden Corral.

Lunch! Another great day spent here in Sunny Florida! Tomorrow a Chiropractor visit is scheduled. Seems that my Sciatic nerve is acting up again and hampering me quite a bit.

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