Friday, January 24, 2014

Sciatic Nerve and Wilma’s Painting

My sciatica nerve is still giving me severe pain going down my right leg. Been seeing a chiropractor who comes with high recommendations for over a week now. Last Monday I phoned my chiropractor back in Michigan and asked if he would look in my records at what he did to stop this pain when I saw him a few years ago. He sent a text to let the chiropractor here in Florida read. This is what he sent via a text message:

  1. L-5 body right
  2. Sacrum P-R/apex left
  3. Right ilium – external
  4. Stage 2 L-5 DJD
  5. Severe femur head DJD, bilateral.

That is the instructions that I let the chiropractor here read. He adjusted his treatment for me and I did get some relief for a day. Then Wednesday the pain started again. After more visits, I was told that the bones won’t stay put when adjusted. I hope I don’t have to live the rest of my life with this!!! Monday I go back once again for another adjustment. Praying that he will be able to adjust my spine in a way to relieve this pain.

Even Kybee, our Pug, sensed something wasn’t right with me. He has been following me like a shadow for the past several days. This morning he just had to be right next to me.

Kybee and I taking it easy.

Wilma attended a painting class the other day. I believe she is turning into a mighty fine artist!

Wilma's Painting Continuing to keep moving, doing some back strengthening exercises, and praying for the pain to leave me.


  1. That pain is sooooooo awful ......sure hope relief comes very soooooon !

  2. I've heard that Sciatica is very annoyingly painful. Pain of any kind sure dulls one enthusiasm for anything. Wonder if there any other treatments for it besides Chiros. Like the painting. Nice soft pastel colors......


  4. I really like that painting. I have intermittent sciatica. Keeping my back pockets empty stops most of it for me. Good luck on the recovery.

  5. Our pets / dogs do have the ability to know when we are not well. Oliver and Olivia stick to John like a burr on a dog's hind leg when John is not feeling well. Hope you get that nerve back in it's intended job....

  6. A friend of mine has experienced back pain for years and tried acupuncture last year. It has changed her life.