Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We Made it to Florida

Around 3pm on Christmas day, all the kids and grandkids were headed back home. With our Christmas celebration over it was now time to take the Christmas decorations down and pack them away for another year. We finished by the late evening.

The 26th. we concentrated on packing the car for our trip south to Florida. The 27th. came and we were on the road by 7:00AM. We hadn’t driven 150 miles when we encountered our first traffic jam between Toledo and Dayton.

1 of 4 Major Traffic jams. Northbound on left.The worst of the traffic jams were in Georgia. The one above was 15 miles long traveling at a rip roaring speed of 5-15MPH. After getting through this one Garmin saved us from the last one by re-routing us off I-75. Taking us through the back roads of farmland and orange groves, through twisting winding 2 lane blacktop roads, we finally made it back to I-75 with no traffic jam in site. Thank you Garmin GPS!

We checked into the Oak Haven RV Park around 9:30am. Chuck had the storage yard gate opened awaiting our arrival.

I hooked up the engine battery, saying a little prayer that the engine would start without any trouble. Prayer answered, it only cranked about 15 seconds before it fired up and was running. Removed the tire covers, pulled the Coach forward, off the 2X6’s that was under the tires, and commenced to putting the covers and lumber in the storage bin.

I took it onto the 2 lane blacktop road for a short trip to loosen up and lubricate all the bearings and transmission. Everything sounded great, except that I didn’t have any turn signals. Wilma was following me and later told me the brake lights didn’t seem to be working correctly either, first on dim, then one on the other off, then both on. A project for another day to be tracked down and hopefully fix.

So I get back to the RV Park, and back into our site, #102. Then I hear an unfamiliar sound. Something I didn’t want to hear at all!

Still standing but will have to be replaced.  I backed right into my power post! I heard Wilma give me a holler but it was too late. She yelled I hit the post. So I proceeded to pull forward, then another yell not only from her but my neighbor. The post was now lodged between the bumper and the coach.

Bent the bumper on the Coach. The only way to get free of the post was to lower the hydraulic jacks and lift the coach over the post. My neighbor managed to pull the broken post loose as I raised the coach. Then I lowered the coach and drove forward, getting out to inspect the damage I caused. That’s when we all noticed this wasn’t the first time this post had been hit.

Screws and metal band from a previous break I feel terrible hitting the post, but hopefully George the manager won’t fine me too awful much for the damage. I do expect a dissatisfied look from him at the least.

New years eve now and we are awaiting our friends arrival and the DirecTV installer.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. A little excitement will make lasting memories. I am sure the fun will be up now:)