Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome Back Party

Every year, the owner of the RV Park pays for a “get together” to welcome back everyone for another Winter in Florida. This year there was grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, corn on the cob, and drinks of all kinds.

One of the regular “Snow Birds” of the park, Russ, agreed to organize the “Welcome Back” party.

Russ, from Ontario, Canada, who organized the party He chose the “Parrot Head” theme for the party. Everyone put on their best Jimmy Buffett attire. With Jimmy Buffett music being played, made for a fantastic atmosphere.

Our best friends, Gary and Cheryl, have enjoyed every day since they arrived here. Just being amazed how friendly everyone is and how they have been welcomed.

Gary and Cheryl Many of the residents volunteered with the cooking. Even with 7 grills all going at once, it was a difficult job for them to keep up with the demand of supplying the burgers, dogs and sausages.

Just a few of our cooks. We reserved a table for 6 around 1 PM. It was a good thing we did as the tables were filling up an hour before the party was to begin.

We chose a table outside of the club house. Enjoying the party. Cherie and Greg, our Florida neighbors Cheryl & Gary, our Best Friends Me and "My Hon". What a great time we had seeing our “Winter Family” again, welcoming them, and being welcomed back for another Winter in Florida.

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  1. You got lots of nice colorful photos going on there. "And a good time was had by all" would be an appropriate summation of your 'Welcome Back' get together.