Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Days Like a Rollercoaster

The past several days have been like a rollercoaster for Wilma and I. A few days ago was a picture perfect day for some time in the pool. Wilma and I, along with our friends spent several hours in the pool just floating around and enjoying life.

Wilma said...Look this way.Wilma returning to the pool The hip actually eased up on the constant pain while in the pool. However, when leaving the pool I was in terrible pain. It took at least 15 minutes just to walk, with the aid of my cane, to leave the pool area. It convinced me to stay out of the pool, at least until after the hip replacement surgery scheduled for April 15th.

On my last blog I mentioned that Gary went to the store looking for a chair that would be more comfortable for me to sit in. Here is the photo of the chair.

My chair of choice for hip pain relief. This is the only chair I have that I can sit in for more than a couple minutes. Even the couch in the Motorhome is uncomfortable. I’m happy I have this chair!

A couple days ago, Greg n Cherie, Gary n Cheryl, and Wilma n I feasted on a delicious dinner at Laishley Crab House. We sat on their open air deck over looking the bay.

Our view of the Bay If you need to ask the can't afford to eat here! I had the Lobster Lobster Lobster plate. Delicious to say the least!

Lobster Lobster Lobster dish Wilma had the King Crab dish. A crab lovers delight!

King Crab dish Wilma armed with her wepon of choice for eating King Crab Legs

This is a fantastic restaurant! One that we will continue to go to once a year. (get the hint?) Everyone enjoyed their dinner and the atmosphere couldn’t have been better.

Those were our high events. Just like a rollercoaster going up, there has to be some time going down. This morning Wilma woke up very dizzy. Could barely walk to the kitchen to get her morning cup of coffee. After her coffee and smoke, she returned to the bed to see if the dizziness would leave. I turned on the AC to keep it cool in the motorhome, as it’s expected to hit the mid 80’s today.

abc7_extended_web Hopefully this dizzy spell will leave as quickly as it appeared. We are praying for His blessings.

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