Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Family Arrives

Yesterday, daughter Angel along with Grand Daughters Brooke and Haley, arrived for a 6 day vacation from the bitter cold of Michigan. They flew into Fort Myers Airport arriving at 11:30am. The only problem is that they lost Angel’s one and only luggage. Twelve hours later, 11:30pm, a driver from Southwest Airlines delivered it to the RV Park where we are staying. Seems her one piece of luggage was put on a plane to Boston! Woops……but all is good now.

On the way home from the airport we stopped at the local Cracker Barrel for a lunch, meeting up with Gary and Cheryl. Another delicious lunch served by our favorite, Cracker Barrel.

Arriving here at the RV Park, first on the agenda was a trip to the pool.

Enjoying the warm weather and sun at the pool The weather was in the mid 70’s but after the winter they are having back home, it was plenty warm enough to “catch some sunshine rays”. They just can’t believe the color of the sky and the green grass and trees. Angel said there is so much snow back home we may not see our grass all summer!

This morning we sat outside enjoying our breakfast. Temps were in the mid 60’s but feels much warmer than the mid 60’s back home. Especially when the sun came out.

Enjoying the morning sunshine Haley is fascinated with the Gecko’s that are every where here in the RV Park.

Taking a photo of a Gecko Gecko Grand daughter Haley Another Gecko to photo Later today a trip will be made to fetch drinking water, a trip to Walgreen’s for some souvenirs and of course the girls will want to take in more sunshine around the pool.

Wilma is starting to feel much better. The dizziness that she had a couple days ago seems to be leaving. Talking to others here at the RV Park, it seems that this symptom is going around to others like a strain of a flu bug. Lasts for 3 days. Today is day 4 for her and she is feeling fine.

Myself…..after another phone call to the Dr. a couple days ago was made questioning why I’m still in so much pain even after taking the pain pills he prescribed me. Seems there was a misunderstanding on the other medications I was taking. As I listed Meloxicam as one of the drugs I have been taking, I figured I should stop taking them when he prescribed the pain pills. WRONG! I needed to continue taking them, which made a world of difference in relieving the continuing pain I am having in the hip joint and down the leg. At least I am now able to drive again. Thank you God for hearing our prayers!  And, thank you everyone who have been saying a prayer for us.

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