Friday, March 14, 2014

Staples out, feeling a tiny bit better

Had an appointment with the hip surgeon today. The staples were removed, X-Ray’s taken, and an examination. The Dr. was pleased with the healing process and leg movement. Can’t do anything about the sciatica nerve pain though. The pain from that eased up a bit today, but yesterday it was a rating of 8 out of 10. Hopefully it is on the mend and won’t get that bad again.

The weather might have something to do about it though. Two days ago we received another 8 inches of snow!

Looking out the front door The past two days the nerve pain has been very bad. Today it went up to 50 degrees and most of the snow has melted. Actually we need a couple more days of at least 50 degree weather to finish off the snow from this winter.

Getting home from the Dr. visit today I just took it easy enjoying time with pain relief.

Thumbs up for more good daysWilma said that was the first time she has seen a smile on my face in many many weeks. Actually I haven’t felt this good in many many weeks. :)

Looking forward to more days of healing, and pain free days hopefully. Please keep those prayers coming! Thank You.

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  1. Here's to playing Frisbee with that puppy come spring.