Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter and Doctors

Easter Sunday we were blessed with having the entire family over to enjoy the warm sunshine and have a delicious dinner. Wilma had a couple of the kids help her with the dinner prep.

Savannah making Fluff As most teens are, they just can’t pass up the opportunity to take advantage of the internet access. So while Savannah was in the kitchen helping Nana, the other girls were on the internet.

Wi-Fi Internet Available It wasn’t long though that we were all outside enjoying the sunshine. The kids raced around the house looking for hidden eggs then we all enjoyed a delicious lunch that Wilma prepared for us all. Back outside to enjoy the sunshine and “cut up” with each other.

IMG_0593The short time I was able to sit outside was precious. But the pain from the back just wouldn’t allow me to stay outside very long and I had to go lay on the couch.

Monday I had my appointment with the Dr. that did the injections trying to relieve the

NaNa with all the grandkids Sciatic pain. He did point out on the computer screens, the area he believes is causing the pain. It seems that I have a piece of bone actually pushing on the nerve. I am planning on getting all the X-Ray photos he took, along with his reports of what exactly was done, and get a second opinion. I know two other people that have had spine surgery and I am going to have their surgeon take a look at my case. A phone call was made Monday afternoon and a my visit is set for May 5th. If it is determined that I need surgery, I plan on using him as the surgeon and hope he can schedule me in soon. 

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