Monday, May 5, 2014

Health Update

Many of my readers have been asking “What’s going on with you?”

The Physical Therapy didn’t work out very well. The trainers needed to get my right leg back to normal after the total hip replacement. The sciatica nerve extreme pain kept us from completing the training.

A slight infection started at the incision on the hip, but has been cured with antibiotics. Hip, leg and foot pain still severe. Taking 2 different kinds of pain meds is what has been keeping me going for the past couple of months.

Three weeks ago I made the call to a Neurosurgeon to get my MRI looked at for a diagnosis. This morning I had two Dr. appointments. The first to the surgeon who replaced my hip. He said I was doing great. I asked him to show me exactly where the sciatic nerve goes down the leg. After showing me exactly where it is, I’m convinced that all the pain I’m getting now is from the Sciatic nerve. I mentioned that I was now on my way to see the Neurosurgeon to get an exam and prognosis on my condition. He said that if he wants to do surgery, he gives him a green light.

The Neurosurgeon, Dr. Olson, gave me a complete exam. Looked closely at the last MRI’s I had that are a few months old. I told him that the pain seems to be getting worse by the week, and if I didn’t have my pain pills I’d have to be hospitalized. He wanted a new MRI taken and to return.

I have an appointment this Thursday for another MRI. Next Tuesday I go back to Dr. Olson for his recommendation. I’m sure it will require surgery. I just pray that if I have to go through surgery, that this pain will stop completely.

I’ll keep you all posted.


  1. I wish you the best of luck and will keep you in my thoughts. To always be in pain is horrible.

    1. Thank You Vera for your thoughts.

  2. Fred and Wilma: So sorry you are having problems. I have prayed for you and will be glad to hear that you have been cured when they find the solution to the pain. Send Wilma shopping for a straw haat and overhauls so she can do the garden this year. your friend Bob