Sunday, May 25, 2014

Let The Healing Begin.

As others are out celebrating this beautiful weather and the holiday, I’m at home healing from my recent back surgery with the biggest smile on my face.

Two days ago, on Friday I arrived at the Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital for my back surgery. Praying that this day would be the last day with this terrible Sciatic nerve pain going down my right leg and foot.

It wasn’t long after arrival that we were called back to the surgery prep area. Wilma, Angel and Brooke joined me when I was ready in the room. The surgery team all came in and introduced themselves, and explained what each would do during the surgery. I thought that was great, and it eased my nerves a little.

Ready for a great sleep. The team didn’t take long to get me ready for surgery, especially the anthesis nurse. When I saw the size of the needle she was going to put in my vein I almost passed out laying down! She assured me that I wouldn’t feel anything as she was first going to numb the area.

Soon the kids said their good by to me and Wilma gave me her re-assuring kiss.

Kiss before Back Surgery I then knew I would be ok, and soon after, it was “Lights Out”! I awoke in the recovery room about 2 hours later, still in a haze. Taken to my room where I was afraid to move for almost 10 hours.

I laid on my left side, like I have been for the past 5 months, fearing that when I move I would still feel the terrible pain down my right leg. Finally the male nurse and his male helper talked me into getting out of bed around 9pm. As I first stood up vertical, the most amazing feeling I had. NO MORE PAIN! I could feel a slight burning sensation at the incision area, and that was it. I asked for my cane, and took my first two steps. With no pain at all, I continued. Even the nurse was amazed that I wasn’t feeling more pain than what I said I was having. I only gave it a rating of 1 out of 10.

The healing had begun. The surgery at this point seems to be a complete success! I’m following the Dr.’s orders. NO BLT. (bending, lifting or twisting) until further notice which should be in a couple weeks when I see him again.

So this is a thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all those who prayed for me. For without Him, it would not have been possible.


  1. How wonderful that you will be pain free!

  2. Vada in Dublin,Tx. is relieved and grateful that you pain is better.Hope you heal quickly..God bless.

  3. That is very good news. I can imagine how happy you must be. I wish you all the best and NO recurrence of the pain.