Friday, June 6, 2014

Time Zips by When Your Having Fun.

I just noticed it’s been 12 days since my last post! So I guess I’ll update everyone on my progress.

To me, the healing process seems to be going slowly, but everyone I talk to that sees me every once in a while seems to think I’m progressing rapidly.

Last Monday I had another appointment with the hip surgeon. Dr. Meisel took more X-Rays and informed me that everything was looking great. We did manage to spend more time talking on how I’m feeling since the back surgery. He wants me to be completely released from Dr. Olsen, the back surgeon, before he prescribes any further physical exercise schedule to help build up the leg muscle.

I have been looking forward to my appointment next Monday with Dr. Olsen, thinking he might lift some of the restrictions he gave me. But this morning I received a phone call from his office for a re-schedule. Seems Dr. Olsen is a very busy guy and emergency surgery was scheduled for next Monday. I was given another appointment 8 days further into June! Dang, looks like I have to keep to the BLT schedule. No Bending, No Lifting anything over 5 lbs., and No Twisting. I guess it’s meant to be though, and I can’t complain if he is going to be helping someone in pain like he helped me.

I’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather and building up the muscles by going on short walks twice a day. Even after just 3 days I can feel the improvement in leg strength. But I still have a long way to go. Still can’t do steps very well, have to take them one step at a time, lifting with my left leg only.

I am so looking forward to the summer, doing things, going places, seeing family and friends. Something as simple as a short ride in the car is so much more pleasurable now that there is no terrible pain with every little bump in the road. Speaking of rides in a car. I haven’t driven since the middle of last February! Now going on 4 months. Wilma told me I may have to go back to Drivers Ed. before I start driving again. :)

Knocking on wood here….there is absolutely no Sciatica Nerve pain going down my right leg any more. I do have a numb, tingling feeling on the right heal. The Dr. said after surgery that that symptom may or may not go away with time. I won’t mind that a bit. It’s not noticeable most of the time.

So that’s about it. Thank you to all who have kept me and Wilma in your thoughts and prayers, and please, continue to do so.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Glad to hear you are pain free. Slow and steady wins the race?

  2. Happy for you that the pain has gone. Everything else will come in good time. Just take it easy as not to damage something. Looking forward to good reports from your doctor.

  3. Fred : I am so glad you are doing well. I have tried to explain this to you though. Dont let Wilma know you are getting better. Sit in the chair and look painful and ask her to mix you an adult beverage. Old Bob the bandman wishes you well