Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grandparents Headstones

Dad and I made a trip to Forest Lawn Cemetery to tend to the headstone of his Grandmother, Christine.

Second Stone in from the road, Christoph Hagedorn Grave Plot

Through the years the sod seems to just grow over the stones that are placed flat on the ground.

The C.H.Hagedorn Plot at Forest Lawn

Dad and I worked on cutting the sod back away from the stones. Then we had to lift Christine’s stone to fill in under it bringing it up to ground level. Job Well Done!

Dad's Grandfather, Christoph & Grandmother Caroline

Afterward, Dad mentioned that he doesn’t know if he will ever be back. I assured him that I would keep check on the plot, at least for another 20 years or so. Dad, being 87 years old has only 1 sister still living, and she is 99 years old. They are the last of that generation.

From Forest Lawn, we made a visit to Mt. Olivet Cemetery where my mother’s parents are laid to rest.

Grandpa Otto Ebenhoeh 1899-1979

 Grandma Marie Ebenhoeh 1901-1974

It looks like the sod is starting to grow over the markers here also. I will give it about 3 years and check on them again, probably will have to do some sod cutting then for sure.

The photo’s were taken with my Samsung S5 phone so as to get a good GPS reading on the locations. Plus I used my Garmin GPS in the truck to mark the spots. I did this for future reference, and for my offspring if they wish to go to the grave sites. Don’t know if my family will go there, as both cemetery’s are in the heart of Detroit, and NOT in a desirable area.

Garmin GPS readings: Forest Lawn, N 42 degrees 24’32.5”  W 083 degrees  01’49.7”                                           Mt. Olivet  N 42 degrees 25’ 18.8”  W 083 degrees 01’ 18.2”

On the way home, Dad was talking about when he and mom dated. The different places they used to go. I decided I would take a detour and take him down some of the streets he was talking about. He was taken back at the condition of the area. “Such a shame” he kept saying. I turned down Schoenheer just South of 7 Mile Rd. Mom was raised in the middle house in the photo below.

Center White House: Grandpa/Grandma Ebenhoeh's home.

Dad just couldn’t believe how run down the area has become. I have many fond memories of the good times the family had in that house. The Thanksgiving Dinners watching Grandpa carve the turkey. The hide n go seek games us grandkids would play in that “huge” house. As a young boy, the summers when I would spend 2 weeks working in Grandma’s rose beds. Sitting on the front porch with her eating a bowl of ice cream. So many fond memories. Like Dad said, “Such A Shame” the area has turned from what it was, to this today.

After our stop to take the photo above, we headed north to go back home. Stopping in a local restaurant we had lunch together. What great, quality time I had this day with my dad.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.                                         

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