Friday, September 5, 2014

Kentucky Family n Friends Visit

We just returned back home from our annual 2 week trip to Kentucky to visit family and friends. There were two large events scheduled this time. The first one was Wilma’s 45th. High School Reunion that she organized, and a week later was her annual Family Reunion.

Class of 1969 School Mates

Wilma has been organizing the reunion “long distance” for the past 6 months. Pam, a school mate living in Kentucky, helped her by handling the $$$$.

Setting up the "Dishes to Pass" table

As the class was fairly small, everyone was asked to bring a “dish to pass” to help keep the cost down. This idea turned out real well.

Classmates ready for a fun evening



As the party progressed and the DJ played all the right songs, many even got up to dance! Smile

Cutt'n up the floor

As I stayed with Wilma’s brother Eddie, and didn’t attend the class reunion, I could tell from listening to her the next day how successful it was. Everyone had a great time together and even elected to have the reunion every 2 years instead of every 5 years.

The next morning we just had to stop at a country restaurant and get some of that good ‘ol country cook’n!

Stopped here for a country breakfast Great "Country" feeling in this restaurant

From there we went to visit Wilma’s Aunt Rita. We were all happy to see her, as it’s always a great time to be around her.

A wonderful visit with Aunt Rita

Wilma, Aunt Rita, Eddie, and Cousin Becky

Another day we went to Owensboro, KY. to eat some Mexican food. Eddie and Beth told us about “The Silver Bullet” restaurant located on the banks of the river.

The view was great looking out over the river

Our View looking out at the river and fountains.

Ate too much!

And everyone just felt like we ate too much!

The next day we made a special trip to see two cousins. Cousin Greg and Cousin Rosa.

Cousin Greg's "canning shop"

Greg is known for his generosity of giving away farm fresh canned goods. This year he, with the help of family and friends, processed over 23,000 ears of corn! That’s not counting all the other veggies he gets from his garden.

We left Greg’s home and made a special visit to see Cousin Rosa. She was diagnosed with Cancer a few months ago. She is the sweetest, kindest person you could ever meet.

Wilma with Rosa

She is such a cheery, positive person! An inspiration to all of us.

A few days later was the Annual Family Reunion. Last year Cousin Greg suggested that we have a Raffle to raise $$ to pay for the Community Center. It went over better than we thought, so this year we did another Raffle.

Gifts being Raffled off.

But before the Raffle, we enjoyed more of that great “Southern Cooking”!

More that enough food for all.

Can’t forget Wilma’s Aunt Dean!

Aunt Dean

It was decided by family that all the proceeds made from the Raffle would be donated to Rosa to help cover expenses. She and her husband Terry was ever so grateful to everyone.

Rosa and Terry

Get well Rosa, and we will see you next year! And as you know, we all Love You and are praying for you!

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