Monday, October 13, 2014

Beautiful Fall Weather = A Trip to Frankenmuth

I had promised Wilma this past winter, a trip to Frankenmuth. The sky has been a perfect shade of blue, the sun has been shining bright, little to no winds…just perfect fall weather! Perfect for a fall trip, so it was time to go!Our Neighbors Tree

We made reservations for two nights at the Marv Herzog Hotel. A small hotel by today’s standard, located on the main street of Frankenmuth, MI. but it had the best atmosphere you could want.

Where we stayed.

Music from Marv Herzog played softly in the background. Every one of the Staff members were just the best with their service to the patrons. The Hotel was erected in honor of Marv Herzog.  More information about the Hotel, click: Story behind the Hotel. 

Marv Herzog Hotel Lobby

Photo above taken from the second floor looking down at the Lobby.

The room we had on the second floor was clean and cozy.

To the Balcony

The Hotel is located on the Cass River, with a beautiful patio and scenery.

The patio of the Hotel overlooking the Cass River

Our first night we had a dinner at the Frankenmuth Brewery.

Wonderful is how to explain our dinner and atmosphere!

Had dinner here. Great Food!

Inside the "Brewery"

Just had to try out one of their beers! My choice was the American Blond Classic Ale. Very smooth and not too lite. I’m really not a fan of the dark Lager beers.

Selection of beer

As we arrived in Frankenmuth on a Wednesday, it was I believe the best time to arrive. Very little tourist, no crowds to deal with.

Not many tourist during the week

Frankenmuth is known for it’s “Fried Chicken Dinners”. The first restaurant Zehnders is where I have the most memories. My parents used to choose this restaurant over all others when we made our trips here.

The Original Chicken Dinner Restaurant

Their competition is located just across the street! Bavarian Inn is much larger, and offers the same type of dinners.

One of two famous restaurant's for fried chicken dinners

The Bavarian Inn needed room to grow, so a bridge was established over the Cass River for access to their other attractions. Hotel, Waterslides and shops to purchase just about anything related to the German atmosphere.

Bridge used to get to other Bavarian Attractions.

We had a great assortment of German style foods for lunch and dinner. Did plenty of walking, getting in the exercise we need, and just had a wonderful time together.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. It has been quite awhile since we have been there, but it still looks pretty nice:)