Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Getting Ready for the Cold Weather

Yesterday as the temperature was in the 60’s, and the sun shining, I made a trip to Dads’ house to pick up some of the leaves in the yard and get the gutters cleaned out.

I didn’t even bother to knock on the door and let him know what I was up to. I figured as soon as he heard my leaf blower he would be outside ready to help.

Dad loves his Lawn Tractor

I almost had all the leaves out of the gutters on the garage and house, when I heard the tractor start up.

Easy way to pick up the leaves.

He is such a proud man, that he doesn’t feel confortable getting help from anyone, especially from me after the hip replacement and back surgery I went through earlier this year. I assured him I was fine and that I wanted to get those gutters cleaned out before the cold snap. A few hours later and the job was well done.

Arriving home Bob, our neighbor, came over to tell us what has been happening this past week at their house.  Randy just went through two brain surgeries! Bob has been running back and forth from the hospital, to work, and back again for the past week, totally exhausted, and stressed. He mentioned he has been living on McDonalds chicken nuggets all week. That evening Wilma prepared a home cooked pork chop dinner and took a plate over to him.

This morning started out sunny with calm winds, so I went to work getting my gutters cleaned out. After that job was done I headed over to my next door neighbor’s house to get the leaves picked up in his yard. I knew I had to complete these two jobs today as the weather man on the TV are predicting some cold weather to arrive late this afternoon or tonight.

Nov 11th. - 17th weatherAll that fresh outdoor air and physical activity called for me to reward myself with a nap today. Open-mouthed smile

This evening’s dinner was spent at Applebee's. Each Veterans Day they honor Veterans with a free meal. What a great honor it is to join my fellow Veterans for Applebee’s generosity. We left early, around 4pm, as we knew from past years it gets very crowded closer to the dinner hour. Even arriving early, the parking lot only had about 5 open spaces. There was a line starting to form that stretched outside. The place was packed and we had a delicious dinner, even spoke with the manager as she made her rounds thanking all the Veterans.

From this Vet to all other Veterans; Thank You for your service to our Great Country. Job Well Done!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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