Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I’ve been blessed to have worked a full career where my employer had paid for our families health care. Then after retirement, I pay $130.00 per month to keep the plan, but it’s only available until you turn 65. Then it drops off. That’s when our Medicare kicks in, and to my surprise and eye opening, with substantial monthly premium increases!

We had an informational meeting with a company that specializes in explaining all the Medicare plans available along with pricing. WOW what an eye opener I had!

I was expecting an increase in monthly premiums, but not quite as much as I was shown. But it is what it is and next May I’ll be joining that group of “ol-folks” who are all in that same boat.

I have to commend David Burkart of Senior Benefits Group. He spent 3½ hours with me going over the separate plans Medicare offers. Plus with the help of his tablet, showed me all the participating private insurance companies that offer supplemental insurance, along with their monthly premiums.

David sure did save me hours and hours of research time on the computer, and I’m very thankful we had this meeting. When it gets closer to my 65th. birthday, all it will take is a short phone call to him and he does all the paperwork for me. No charge! I asked him who pays his company and himself to furnish this type of service. His response was the insurance companies. So I said that if I went to the same insurance company that we picked, I could get the same policy for less monthly costs because they don’t have to pay your company. He assured me that I would find the exact same price.

So this morning I did just that. I got on the web, went to the insurance companies web site, clicked in my choices and presto…..the exact same monthly premium! So I feel confident David was telling me everything truthfully. For those who might be questioning, the insurance company from AARP furnished me with the most coverage for the least monthly premium. This will be looked at yearly, by making a phone call to David for updates.

I would highly recommend anyone getting ready to sign up for Medicare to get in touch with one of these types of companies, to go over all the options. There is way more to it than the average person knows!


  1. Many buy supplemental insurance and do not realize that many fantastic hospitals have a "no co-pay" for those below a certain income on Medicare. We have one glorious hospital here in near Niagara Falls where we live who have doctors and all medical tests with no "co-pay" for us. Also Kalida Health in Buffalo gives us all free, no co-pays which have saved us countless thousands of dollars. I just cannot say how wonderful it has been for us, considering our health care needs these past years. Many get caught in traps like my one doctor's secretary who has a mother who is so pour paying the needless supplemental insurance needlessly that the lady has to live with her daughter....and cannot change it for a year. So beware and check it all out before making decisions that can cost the retiree thousands of dollars a year extra. Now, if we could just dump Obama Care and AARP and he are dear friends.

    1. It looks like each State has different rules and regulations concerning the Supplemental Insurance. When he showed me what was available he did say "these plans are available in Michigan". Don't know why you mentioned your displeasure with AARP as the insurance company they represent here in Michigan came in as the least expensive for the same supplemental coverage.

  2. Glad to hear you are getting your Medicare situation researched well ahead of time, that's a very smart move on your part. Sounds like the guy advising you is fair and knows what he's talking about.

    Still, the complexities, paperwork and cost to the individual of the US healthcare system continue to boggle the mind!

    1. Recently you wrote your experience using the Canada Medical system. I was so impressed! Why can't this USA get something even close to your medical system??!!!
      But like I said, it is what it is and we just have to learn to live with it.

  3. I too use united health care and the aarp plan.... Seemed to be the cheapest alternative, and I have never had any out of pocket expense for the health care side.... Now dental and eye glasses is another thing all together... As far as drugs, you about have to do a part d because if you don't they penalize you for the years you didn't participate...