Monday, December 22, 2014

Heading to Florida-Lost Purse-New 5th. Wheel!

Haven't been able to post earlier as we both have been busier than beavers, and by nightfall totally exhausted.

We left Michigan at 7:30am Tuesday morning and headed for Florida. The new 2014 Ford truck ran great. We drove to just north of Knoxville, TN before we stopped for the night. As we were getting the luggage out of the truck, Wilma said: Oh my gosh! Last February on our way back from Florida, we stopped for the night just across the street at another hotel! Now what's the odds of that!

Wednesday's ride took us all the way into Florida. But we stopped around noon at a Denny's 50's Cafe and had lunch. Nothing out of the ordinary, at least it seemed to us at least. But when we arrived in Florida and had stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner, Wilma became panicky. Where's my purse!!?? I can't find my purse! OMG no...please no! But after an hour of searching every square inch of the truck it was apparent that she had left her purse at the Denny's Cafe back in Georgia. I having a Smart phone looked up the phone number of the Denny's. Wilma made a frantic phone call asking if they had found the purse. No was the answer. Another phone call to the security office of the Outlet Mall where Denny's Cafe was located. Again, no purse turned in. Maybe you left it at the Florida welcome center? Another phone call to the Welcome Center and another "No Purse turned in". So she has lost her purse. Charge Cards, Cash, Keys, Wallet, all gone. But the most important thing was her father's pictures from his wallet that she had carried with her since he was killed back in 1972. Those were un-replaceable. And that was what bothered her the worst.

Neither of us could tell you what we had at Cracker Barrel for dinner that night as our minds were concentrated on the lost purse. After checking into our Hotel for the night I started phoning the charge card companies reporting the lost cards. All of them said that there was no activity on the cards. But no matter, we didn't get much sleep that night.

Thursday drive started out very quiet. Every once in a while I would look over and see a tear running down her face. I just knew what she was thinking. Those photo's that belonged to her dad, that she had held onto for so long.

I started conversations with her about the RV Show in Tampa in January that we are planning on attending. Then she mentioned that we should stop at General RV on our way to Port Charlotte. Great idea I thought, it would at least take her mind off of the lost purse for a little while.
We made our stop at General RV and after 5 hours of dickering we found a 5th. wheel we liked and a price that was less than the General RV show price in Michigan a few months ago. Feeling as we have accomplished what we planned, Wilma suggested we just get it and forget about going to the show in Tampa in January. Which would save us a 250 mile round trip ride, plus another 250 mile round trip ride with the Motorhome and the Truck to pick up the new 5th. wheel. After thinking about that, we made the deal. An appointment was set up for 1PM Monday to pick up the new 5th. wheel and turn in the Motorhome.

Friday morning came and we had our breakfast at the hotel in Port Charlotte before heading for the RV Park. Arriving at the park we headed for the storage area to get the Motorhome. It was slow starting but after a few tries it did start. I drove it over to our site, Wilma followed in the truck. First thing I just had to do was wash all the Summer Florida dirt off of it. Just couldn't stand the thought of trading it in looking like it did.

Saturday morning came with the sunshine entering our bedroom windows. The work began shortly afterward getting all the "stuff" out of the basement of the Motorhome. No sense in trying to load all that "stuff" into a smaller 5th. wheel at the dealer. So we piled it up on our patio, with a tarp covering it all. By 4pm we were tuckered out. Ate some supper, phoned dad at 8pm and were in bed by 8:15.

Sunday morning we were greeted by another sunshine morning. Temperatures got up close to 80. Actually worked up a sweat! Haven't done that in over a year! We both continued working on removing "stuff" from the Motorhome and were done for the day by 2pm. Greg and Cherie, our neighbors, invited us over for a roast beef dinner. Was that ever nice and we were so appreciative. Around 9pm Wilma and I went to bed, thoughts of "this will be our last night sleeping in our motorhome that we have owned for 14 years". We fell asleep with thoughts of great times we have had with our motorhome. a 5 year old on the night before Christmas, I woke up by 10:30pm excited and ready to make the 125 mile drive to get our 5th. wheel! Oh no! It's now after midnight and we both have a very hard day ahead of us tomorrow. So I'll try again to fall asleep.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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