Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New 5th. Wheel – Getting used to the weather

Monday morning we were on the road by 8:30am heading north toward Tampa. I driving the Motorhome, Wilma driving the pickup behind me. A little nerve wracking as I haven’t driven the Motorhome on the Expressway in 3 years and Wilma was driving with no license, as we have not received anything from her lost purse.

Arriving at General RV, we had a few hour wait before our appointment time, so as the sales girl said “We will be getting with you shortly”. I forgot “this is Florida” and the locals think differently than we do in Michigan. “Shortly” could mean “Sometime today”.

They did take the truck to install the new hitch when we arrived, but for the next 5 hours we waited and waited. Finally around 3pm all the paperwork was completed and they pulled the motorhome next to the 5th. wheel for us to transfer our “stuff” into the 5th. wheel. That took us another 2 hours! We were beat when we were done and we still had a 2 hour drive to the RV Park….in the dark.

We arrived at the RV park and two neighbors came out to help guide me into our site as it was pitch dark when we arrived. I didn’t even unhook the RV from the truck, we just ate a hot dog for dinner and went to bed.

2014-12-23 16.15.52 Now the fun begins of figuring out what “stuff” we want to keep and what to donate to charity, as we have way too much “stuff”. That should take us another couple days at least.

Tuesday we went to Wal-Mart to do our grocery shopping. The sky was blue and sun shinning. The weather here sure doesn’t feel like what we left in Michigan!

 2014-12-23 13.01.41Had to take a photo of the readout in the truck. No, it wasn’t parked in the sun either! 79 F. at 1PM. Gotta love it!

Wilma and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. 

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