Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Drugs on Order

The pain from my hip is getting worse by the day. I just can’t believe how quickly my hip is deteriorating. The pain is getting almost un-bearable. It is now taking more than 5 minutes to stand up from a sitting or laying position, and that’s with the help of a cane!

I made the necessary phone calls to my surgeons’ office yesterday asking for help. Today the Dr. prescribed a “narcotic” type pain medication that should relieve the pain. I’m praying it does, because the hip replacement surgery isn’t scheduled until April 15th.

With the record breaking cold weather just north of us here in Florida, it is almost impossible to travel north. Atlanta has been at a dead stop on northbound I-75 for the past 12 hours. And from the looks of it on the news, those people stuck won’t be able to move for at least another couple days. I thank God we didn’t leave here and head back home and get caught in that mess.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Sciatic Nerve and Wilma’s Painting

My sciatica nerve is still giving me severe pain going down my right leg. Been seeing a chiropractor who comes with high recommendations for over a week now. Last Monday I phoned my chiropractor back in Michigan and asked if he would look in my records at what he did to stop this pain when I saw him a few years ago. He sent a text to let the chiropractor here in Florida read. This is what he sent via a text message:

  1. L-5 body right
  2. Sacrum P-R/apex left
  3. Right ilium – external
  4. Stage 2 L-5 DJD
  5. Severe femur head DJD, bilateral.

That is the instructions that I let the chiropractor here read. He adjusted his treatment for me and I did get some relief for a day. Then Wednesday the pain started again. After more visits, I was told that the bones won’t stay put when adjusted. I hope I don’t have to live the rest of my life with this!!! Monday I go back once again for another adjustment. Praying that he will be able to adjust my spine in a way to relieve this pain.

Even Kybee, our Pug, sensed something wasn’t right with me. He has been following me like a shadow for the past several days. This morning he just had to be right next to me.

Kybee and I taking it easy.

Wilma attended a painting class the other day. I believe she is turning into a mighty fine artist!

Wilma's Painting Continuing to keep moving, doing some back strengthening exercises, and praying for the pain to leave me.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hip Giving Out?! and Frost On The Oranges

For the last week now I have been to the Chiropractor 3 times. The pain going down the right leg is getting worse! At first I thought it was my Sciatic nerve that may be pinched, now I’m thinking it might be my bad hip that is going to be replaced this spring. It’s really starting to put a hamper on my daily activities. The worst pain is when getting up from a sitting position, and the first dozen or so steps. Then it eases up a bit. Monday is appointment #4 with the Chiropractor. Hopefully he can fix this.

Woke up this morning, and noticed frost on the car!!!

Frost on the car this morning Looked at the weather on the interweb and noticed it was 28 back home in MI. and just 33 here in Southern FL. Brrrr it’s cold. Hopefully it won’t ruin the orange groves and drive the cost of OJ up. The trees look like they have about a month before the harvest.

Should be receiving my tripod for the Satellite dish today. Then a call to DirecTV to see if the installer can re-locate the dish from the roof of the RV to the tripod. Their installation on the roof of the Motorhome is very un-satisfactory! Can’t even lower it down in the travel position like the old 18 inch dish. Maybe with luck I can gripe enough to DirecTV to have it relocated without a charge. If not Gary and I will re-locate it ourselves. Of course he will have to go up on the roof as this hip and leg just won’t let me do it myself.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Punta Gorda Craft Show

Today was the perfect day to attend a 3 block long outdoor Craft Show. Usually I’m not for walking through craft shows, but today with the perfect weather I couldn’t resist Wilma’s request to attend with her. And afterward I was glad I did.

Looking Right Standing in the middle of the Craft show, on the second block, one couldn’t see either end.

Looking Left It seemed to go on forever, and we had a look at each of the vendors selling their wares. Actually purchased several items, highly priced of course, but we just had to have them.

One thing I do love about this city is their choice of Palm Trees. These are the “best” in my book!

Beautiful Palm Tree in Punta Gorda Yep…I just never get enough of those Palm Trees. I guess that’s because in Michigan, our home state, you never see them.

Punta Gorda Palm trees Plus my daughters read this blog and want to see photo’s of them daily. Helps them with the miserable winter they are having this year.

After we had our curiosity filled at the Craft show, it was time to get our hunger filled with a delicious lunch at the local Golden Corral.

Lunch! Another great day spent here in Sunny Florida! Tomorrow a Chiropractor visit is scheduled. Seems that my Sciatic nerve is acting up again and hampering me quite a bit.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome Back Party

Every year, the owner of the RV Park pays for a “get together” to welcome back everyone for another Winter in Florida. This year there was grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, corn on the cob, and drinks of all kinds.

One of the regular “Snow Birds” of the park, Russ, agreed to organize the “Welcome Back” party.

Russ, from Ontario, Canada, who organized the party He chose the “Parrot Head” theme for the party. Everyone put on their best Jimmy Buffett attire. With Jimmy Buffett music being played, made for a fantastic atmosphere.

Our best friends, Gary and Cheryl, have enjoyed every day since they arrived here. Just being amazed how friendly everyone is and how they have been welcomed.

Gary and Cheryl Many of the residents volunteered with the cooking. Even with 7 grills all going at once, it was a difficult job for them to keep up with the demand of supplying the burgers, dogs and sausages.

Just a few of our cooks. We reserved a table for 6 around 1 PM. It was a good thing we did as the tables were filling up an hour before the party was to begin.

We chose a table outside of the club house. Enjoying the party. Cherie and Greg, our Florida neighbors Cheryl & Gary, our Best Friends Me and "My Hon". What a great time we had seeing our “Winter Family” again, welcoming them, and being welcomed back for another Winter in Florida.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Fishermen’s Village & A Fatal Wreck

Yesterday we took our friends Gary and Cheryl to Fisherman’s Village, in Punta Gorda. It is not only a tourist area but has a Marina for the locals.

Ready to enter Fishermen's Village One of the first stores as you enter “the village” is a candy store. I had to pass going inside, just didn’t want the temptation. Wilma, Gary and Cheryl entered and of course made a purchase. Mouth’s watering when they left the store, they couldn’t wait to taste what they had just purchased.

Purchasing candy OMG is that good candy We walked to the end of the Village where there are two restaurants waiting for us to enjoy lunch. We chose the restaurant on the second level, “Captain’s Table” so we could enjoy the beautiful 80 degree weather.

"The Captains Table" While waiting for our plates to arrive we enjoyed the sail boats entering and leaving the marina located next to the restaurant.

My plate, The Fishermans PlatterI chose the Fisherman’s Platter, Wilma chose the Captain’s Club Sandwich.

Wilma s' Club sandwich  We kept an eye on this guy as he kept an eye on us as we ate. :)

Another Sea Bird What a wonderful time the four of us had. As we headed home the traffic started to back up. Waiting in the traffic jam for at least an hour before a police officer came by telling us to turn around.

Biker accident, all 3 air lifted, 1 died. Seems a fatal accident had occurred. We found out later two bikers had collided when one passed the other and cut the other off. One of the bikers had a passenger. We don’t know which person had died, but all three were air lifted to the hospital.

Fridge Problems

Woke up this morning, opened the fridge and noticed right away something is wrong! It’s way too warm, checked the temperature and found it was up to 58 degrees!

Immediately went outside with my tools to check on the fridge. Found that the electric element that heats the ammonia refrigerant was not working. So I switched it over to gas. It didn’t work either. I knew why it wouldn’t fire up, I hadn’t cleaned the burner in several years.

P1060005 The photo above shows why it wouldn’t light. After cleaning the burner and re-assembling everything, I turned the fridge back on Gas and it fired right up. Within an hour the temps were back to the normal 38 degrees.  I placed a repair call to Ellis’ RV on site repair. He comes with very high recommendations, and should be by tomorrow to replace the heater element or control board in the fridge.

My second “Job” to accomplish today was clean the tire covers. They were on the tires all summer getting the full impact of the Florida sun and rain.

P1060006 Here is the “before” and “after” cleaning photo. After cleaning they were placed back on the tires to protect them from the sun’s rays.

That’s it for today, it’s “Happy Hour” now with Gary and Greg. :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Coach Repairs

Today was dedicated to doing an electrical repair to the coach. The male end of the Electrical cord for the coach was showing signs of wear and was in need of replacement.

Installing a new Electrical Plug on the Coach It didn’t take long and I had a couple great guys overlooking my repair. Both my best buddy Gary, and my neighbor Greg.

Greg, Gary and I looking over my project. After an hour of work, I had a new plug installed and working great.

Not only was today dedicated for Coach Repairs for my Coach, but Gary had a repair to do.

Gary doing repairs on the Furnace on his Coach Gary’s repair job took slightly longer, but he also was successful in getting his furnace back in working order. All in all it was another great day in Florida.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Frog in Fan

We like to keep the roof fan on all night with the window open at the head of our bed. This brings in the fresh Florida air all night. We have been doing this for years without any problem.

Last night about midnight Wilma and I were awaken from a hair raising noise.

I sprung up out of bed and headed for the kitchen area where the roof fan is located. It was the only thing I could think of that I had running. As I approached the fan the noise became louder and louder. Quickly I turned it off. Couldn’t see real well what was wrong, but figured I stopped the noise and it was time to go back to bed. I will look at the fan in the morning.

This is what I found in the morning.

Frog in Fan We are not under any trees, but this little frog wanted in our Coach. Poor little guy didn’t make it though.

IMG_0213 Maybe he just wanted to Welcome Wilma and I back to the RV Park this year? I do recall the manager telling me that this past summer had above average rainfall. Maybe that’s why the little frogs are up by the RV sites and not just down by the lake.

I know what my first chore will be today. FRY UP SOME FROG LEGS!  :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We Made it to Florida

Around 3pm on Christmas day, all the kids and grandkids were headed back home. With our Christmas celebration over it was now time to take the Christmas decorations down and pack them away for another year. We finished by the late evening.

The 26th. we concentrated on packing the car for our trip south to Florida. The 27th. came and we were on the road by 7:00AM. We hadn’t driven 150 miles when we encountered our first traffic jam between Toledo and Dayton.

1 of 4 Major Traffic jams. Northbound on left.The worst of the traffic jams were in Georgia. The one above was 15 miles long traveling at a rip roaring speed of 5-15MPH. After getting through this one Garmin saved us from the last one by re-routing us off I-75. Taking us through the back roads of farmland and orange groves, through twisting winding 2 lane blacktop roads, we finally made it back to I-75 with no traffic jam in site. Thank you Garmin GPS!

We checked into the Oak Haven RV Park around 9:30am. Chuck had the storage yard gate opened awaiting our arrival.

I hooked up the engine battery, saying a little prayer that the engine would start without any trouble. Prayer answered, it only cranked about 15 seconds before it fired up and was running. Removed the tire covers, pulled the Coach forward, off the 2X6’s that was under the tires, and commenced to putting the covers and lumber in the storage bin.

I took it onto the 2 lane blacktop road for a short trip to loosen up and lubricate all the bearings and transmission. Everything sounded great, except that I didn’t have any turn signals. Wilma was following me and later told me the brake lights didn’t seem to be working correctly either, first on dim, then one on the other off, then both on. A project for another day to be tracked down and hopefully fix.

So I get back to the RV Park, and back into our site, #102. Then I hear an unfamiliar sound. Something I didn’t want to hear at all!

Still standing but will have to be replaced.  I backed right into my power post! I heard Wilma give me a holler but it was too late. She yelled I hit the post. So I proceeded to pull forward, then another yell not only from her but my neighbor. The post was now lodged between the bumper and the coach.

Bent the bumper on the Coach. The only way to get free of the post was to lower the hydraulic jacks and lift the coach over the post. My neighbor managed to pull the broken post loose as I raised the coach. Then I lowered the coach and drove forward, getting out to inspect the damage I caused. That’s when we all noticed this wasn’t the first time this post had been hit.

Screws and metal band from a previous break I feel terrible hitting the post, but hopefully George the manager won’t fine me too awful much for the damage. I do expect a dissatisfied look from him at the least.

New years eve now and we are awaiting our friends arrival and the DirecTV installer.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.