Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Left Florida, Surgery Scheduled

Last Thursday, the 20th., the kids were taken to the airport by Wilma, to fly home from their vacation with us. I had an early appointment with a Dr. to exam my hip and possibly get an injection.

The hip was confirmed to be in terrible shape, and the Dr. asked why I had waited so long to get a replacement, as I should have had one done years ago. My answer was that I really didn’t feel any pain until this past January. He ordered me to receive a Cortisone injection under CT scan. He warned me that because the hip was in such bad shape that the effects of the injection would only last 1-5 days. He also recommended me to have the surgery in Florida, with a date of about 3 weeks from then, or head back to Michigan right away. I took the second recommendation.

The ride in the ‘09 Chevy Malibu was pure torture for me, and Wilma also. She has never had to drive that distance in her life, and it was a huge feat for her that she did get us back home safe and sound. The first day I was able to drive about 3 hours before the pain became so intense that I no longer could drive. She took over the driving, and on the 3rd day she said she was going to get me home today. We were still in Tennessee! A very long 8 hours later, we pulled into our driveway here in Michigan. We both never want to have that experience again.

I made a phone call to my surgeon’s office after arrival home, but missed the closing time by 15 minutes. That meant that I wouldn’t get a chance to talk to them until today, which I did.

I have to see a Cardiologist for a “pre surgery exam” to make sure my heart will stand up to the surgery. The appointment is set for this Monday, but I don’t believe the exam is given that day. He will be talking to me getting all my health history and then schedule the exam. I am scheduled to see my Surgeon on Wednesday to go over the hip replacement procedure. He already has me scheduled for surgery, if I pass the cardiologist tests, March 25th. However he said that if there is a cancellation in the scheduled surgeries, I would be moved up sooner. I don’t wish anything bad on anyone, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone will cancel and I won’t have to wait until the 25th.

Laying here in bed, taking pain pills every 4 hours just to take the edge off the pain, is not my idea of fun. But I’ve been in constant pain since the first week in January, so I guess I can stick it out a few more weeks.

So this will be my last post on the blog until I get through this surgery. I wish you all well, and ask for your prayers.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Family Arrives

Yesterday, daughter Angel along with Grand Daughters Brooke and Haley, arrived for a 6 day vacation from the bitter cold of Michigan. They flew into Fort Myers Airport arriving at 11:30am. The only problem is that they lost Angel’s one and only luggage. Twelve hours later, 11:30pm, a driver from Southwest Airlines delivered it to the RV Park where we are staying. Seems her one piece of luggage was put on a plane to Boston! Woops……but all is good now.

On the way home from the airport we stopped at the local Cracker Barrel for a lunch, meeting up with Gary and Cheryl. Another delicious lunch served by our favorite, Cracker Barrel.

Arriving here at the RV Park, first on the agenda was a trip to the pool.

Enjoying the warm weather and sun at the pool The weather was in the mid 70’s but after the winter they are having back home, it was plenty warm enough to “catch some sunshine rays”. They just can’t believe the color of the sky and the green grass and trees. Angel said there is so much snow back home we may not see our grass all summer!

This morning we sat outside enjoying our breakfast. Temps were in the mid 60’s but feels much warmer than the mid 60’s back home. Especially when the sun came out.

Enjoying the morning sunshine Haley is fascinated with the Gecko’s that are every where here in the RV Park.

Taking a photo of a Gecko Gecko Grand daughter Haley Another Gecko to photo Later today a trip will be made to fetch drinking water, a trip to Walgreen’s for some souvenirs and of course the girls will want to take in more sunshine around the pool.

Wilma is starting to feel much better. The dizziness that she had a couple days ago seems to be leaving. Talking to others here at the RV Park, it seems that this symptom is going around to others like a strain of a flu bug. Lasts for 3 days. Today is day 4 for her and she is feeling fine.

Myself…..after another phone call to the Dr. a couple days ago was made questioning why I’m still in so much pain even after taking the pain pills he prescribed me. Seems there was a misunderstanding on the other medications I was taking. As I listed Meloxicam as one of the drugs I have been taking, I figured I should stop taking them when he prescribed the pain pills. WRONG! I needed to continue taking them, which made a world of difference in relieving the continuing pain I am having in the hip joint and down the leg. At least I am now able to drive again. Thank you God for hearing our prayers!  And, thank you everyone who have been saying a prayer for us.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Days Like a Rollercoaster

The past several days have been like a rollercoaster for Wilma and I. A few days ago was a picture perfect day for some time in the pool. Wilma and I, along with our friends spent several hours in the pool just floating around and enjoying life.

Wilma said...Look this way.Wilma returning to the pool The hip actually eased up on the constant pain while in the pool. However, when leaving the pool I was in terrible pain. It took at least 15 minutes just to walk, with the aid of my cane, to leave the pool area. It convinced me to stay out of the pool, at least until after the hip replacement surgery scheduled for April 15th.

On my last blog I mentioned that Gary went to the store looking for a chair that would be more comfortable for me to sit in. Here is the photo of the chair.

My chair of choice for hip pain relief. This is the only chair I have that I can sit in for more than a couple minutes. Even the couch in the Motorhome is uncomfortable. I’m happy I have this chair!

A couple days ago, Greg n Cherie, Gary n Cheryl, and Wilma n I feasted on a delicious dinner at Laishley Crab House. We sat on their open air deck over looking the bay.

Our view of the Bay If you need to ask the can't afford to eat here! I had the Lobster Lobster Lobster plate. Delicious to say the least!

Lobster Lobster Lobster dish Wilma had the King Crab dish. A crab lovers delight!

King Crab dish Wilma armed with her wepon of choice for eating King Crab Legs

This is a fantastic restaurant! One that we will continue to go to once a year. (get the hint?) Everyone enjoyed their dinner and the atmosphere couldn’t have been better.

Those were our high events. Just like a rollercoaster going up, there has to be some time going down. This morning Wilma woke up very dizzy. Could barely walk to the kitchen to get her morning cup of coffee. After her coffee and smoke, she returned to the bed to see if the dizziness would leave. I turned on the AC to keep it cool in the motorhome, as it’s expected to hit the mid 80’s today.

abc7_extended_web Hopefully this dizzy spell will leave as quickly as it appeared. We are praying for His blessings.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Finally, pain relief.

It’s been a little over a week now that I’ve been on Hydrocodon-Acetaminoph 7.5-325. When I first stated on them I was taking them every 4 hours. Waking up in the morning in severe pain, until the first pill kicked in and took the edge off. Yesterday was the best day for pain management, I only had taken 3 pills all day. The pain was very acceptable and I pray I continue to have days like that until after surgery which is scheduled for April 15.

Yesterday Gary, my best friend went out to purchase a sturdy chair for me. Sorry I don’t have a photo of it, but I will have one for my next Blog post. This new chair has made sitting so much more pain free! I love it and at this time I’m in the Motorhome sitting on it. So much more comfortable than our couch or leather rocker/recliner.

We had Stanley Steamer return yesterday to re-do the carpet cleaning. Three days ago we had them do a complete cleaning of the carpet, both captain chairs, the couch, and the four cushions at the dinette. Everything was cleaned ok except the carpet in the living room. It must have had a soap residue left on it as it felt sticky when you walked on it. Even when completely dry it was sticky. As I sit here now doing the blog, the carpet is just slightly damp so I have an electric heater running, which triggers on the AC to dry the air. Hopefully in a few hours the carpet will be completely dry and it will no longer be sticky.

As the weather is staying in the mid 80’s, a couple days ago we (Gary, Cheryl, Dave, Wilma and myself) took a dip in the pool. It was wonderful, and our thoughts kept returning to family back in Michigan and the terrible cold, snowy weather they have.

A special “Thank You” goes out to all those who have been praying for me. It is so appreciated, and please keep those prayers coming.