Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where Would We Be Without Family?

Wilma tells me that every day I’m getting just a little bit better in my venture of healing from the total hip replacement and the Sciatic Nerve pinch. I’m anxious to feeling better much faster than I am, so to me it seems like it’s taking forever to heal. This Tuesday it will be 4 weeks since the hip replacement. I have to say though that I am walking with the cane more than the walker.

Last Saturday my Sister Catherine fixed us a meatloaf dinner. Delicious and it sure helped Wilma out by giving her a night off of preparing a dinner for us. Then Wednesday our daughter Tina prepared a spaghetti dinner for us.

Friday I underwent an Epidural injection to relieve the Sciatic Nerve pain going down the left leg and foot. So far I would give it about a 50% improvement, but still a ways to go to get rid of it completely. Hopefully without surgery.

Tonight my Brother Ken and his wife Margie are coming over with a roast dinner for the 4 of us. Daughter Angel has been phoning daily checking on us and drops by about every other day. We are truly blessed for having family as we have.

This week I have to sign up for Physical Therapy. I don’t know how much I will endure with the Sciatic pain still hampering me. But the muscles around the new hip must be exercised and stretched to get them strong again.

Thanking everyone for their continued prayers and well wishes.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Staples out, feeling a tiny bit better

Had an appointment with the hip surgeon today. The staples were removed, X-Ray’s taken, and an examination. The Dr. was pleased with the healing process and leg movement. Can’t do anything about the sciatica nerve pain though. The pain from that eased up a bit today, but yesterday it was a rating of 8 out of 10. Hopefully it is on the mend and won’t get that bad again.

The weather might have something to do about it though. Two days ago we received another 8 inches of snow!

Looking out the front door The past two days the nerve pain has been very bad. Today it went up to 50 degrees and most of the snow has melted. Actually we need a couple more days of at least 50 degree weather to finish off the snow from this winter.

Getting home from the Dr. visit today I just took it easy enjoying time with pain relief.

Thumbs up for more good daysWilma said that was the first time she has seen a smile on my face in many many weeks. Actually I haven’t felt this good in many many weeks. :)

Looking forward to more days of healing, and pain free days hopefully. Please keep those prayers coming! Thank You.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

An MRI and a New Hip

The pain going down my right leg was terrible beyond terrible. Wilma had to take me to the Emergency Room on the 26th. of February. An X=Ray, Morphine shot, and I was admitted. Many more tests were taken including an MRI.

Dad Ready The MRI showed that I also had a Herniated Disc, which was touching the nerve, giving me all the pain down my right leg. Meetings were between the Neurologist and my hip replacement Dr. It was determined that the hip needed to be replaced ASAP. The date scheduled for hip surgery was Tuesday March 4th.

I returned to my room  after a 3 hour surgery around 8PM. It wasn’t until around 1AM when the pain returned from the Sciatica Nerve. And it came back with at least 100 times worse pain! The nurse scrambled to inject a medication to relieve the pain, a pain I never want to experience again.

Dad standing A few days later the pain is under control with pills I take every 4 hours. It was almost hard to determine which pain I was feeling at first, the Sciatica pain or surgery pain, as both are in the right leg. I believe the Sciatica pain is much worse than the surgery pain.

I was released from the hospital on Friday. Saturday morning was a much better day as I did get a full night sleep. We all know that it is a rule in all hospitals that patients cannot have a full night sleep right? :) The late afternoon I met the home nurse that will be checking on me for several weeks a couple days a week. The physical exercise person should be in touch with me tomorrow hopefully to start my PE on the right leg. I sure hope the pain from the nerve doesn’t interfere with that.

The future of the nerve pain is still unclear. I guess time will tell if it eases up by itself or if I will have to follow up with more Doctors.

Thank you to all who have kept me in their prayers, as I know everything is in His control.