Monday, January 26, 2015

Entertainment, Food, Tornado Warning Take Cover!

It’s been almost 3 weeks since my last blog post! Wow, where has the time gone? I guess it’s true what they say, “time flies when your having fun”, and we have been having a great time here in Florida.

I’ll try to catch everyone up on what’s been happening, so this post may be a little lengthy.

2015-01-10 Entertainment tonight

On January 15th. the Park hosted the annual “Welcome Back” party. One of the residents furnished the music at pool side. He played his guitar, accompanied by his “electronic band” and sang songs. One very talented guy!

2015-01-10 Greg n Cherie, Kathy n Denny, Wilma, John n Mary The temperature dropped to a chilly 65 in the evening so as you see we all had our jeans and sweat shirts on. The management furnished all the food and drinks for the evening at not charge to us residents. Grilled burgers, brats, and hot dogs along with beer, soft drinks, and water.

2015-01-10 Dancing Poolside It wasn’t long before the pool side dancing started. Can’t have a night of dancing without someone (Russ) leading the way with the “Train”.

2015-01-10 Russ leads the Train (2) The morning of January 18th. greeted me with a sore, stiff back and Sunshine!

2015-01-11 09.46.11 Kybee kept moving from the sun to the shade as it didn’t take long for him to overheat! Later in the late morning we decided to head to Ft. Myers to the “Select Comfort” mattress store to order a new mattress. Anyone that has purchased a new RV Trailer knows the quality of mattresses your get, and I wasn’t going to start having back problems after all the surgery I’ve had this past year.

2015-01-18 12.49.20 On our way to the store we stopped at an interesting restaurant for lunch, Saigon Paris Bistro. I won’t go into detail, but I would not recommend this place to anyone. Enough said. From there we headed to the mattress store and ordered our new mattress. It will be shipped via UPS within 10 days of purchase. We can’t wait to receive it.

2015-01-19 17.54.34

On the 19th. we had a dinner/entertainment night at the Rec. Center here at the RV Park. Pork Roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw and ice cream. Entertainment furnished by “Latitude”, a husband and wife team. What a great assortment of music! There web site:


The phone sounded the alert at 3am Jan. 24th. “Take cover” was what I saw on the phone. Then it listed the area that needed to take cover. After I regained my wits from being woke up I noticed we were in the direct path of a tornado! Man O Man! With no where to go I got up and dressed. Rolled up the awning and watched the skies. No sign of a Tornado, in fact it was pretty calm except for a gust of wind every once in a while. But it sure did make me nervous. Later this day we found out that one touched down about 10 miles from us, lifting a 5th. wheel RV. No one was injured. That’s just too close for comfort!

2015-01-24 RV Park Garage sale January 24th. was the annual Park Garage Sale. We paid our $4.00 for two tables to display our “stuff” we wanted to get rid of. Within 4 hours all of it was gone! We did very well, and so did those who purchased from us.

January 25th. our friends Gary and Cheryl asked us if we would like to go with them to Pine Island. We all loaded up in his car and off we went.

2015-01-25-1 Pine Island Shops Many “tourist shops” along the main street to explore.

2015-01-25-3 Pine Island ShopsEach shop painted a different bright color.

2015-01-25-2 Wilma at Pine IslandWhile we were in one of the shops, an employee told us of the “festival” that was being held this day just down the street. Great! Along with a stop to the “Fish House” we have a festival to attend.

2015-01-25-10 Pine Island Fish House  Gary wanted to get some fresh fish, shrimp and maybe some clams.

2015-01-25-7 Pine Island Fish HouseIs sure didn’t look like much, and the dog guarding the “dock” made a person think twice before entering.

2015-01-25-8 Pine Island Fish House An employee seemed to come out of no where and ask if he could help us. Gary told him what he was interested in.

2015-01-25-9 Pine Island Fish HouseFresh shrimp and clams was purchased and packed in ice.

From the fish house we headed to the festival.

2015-01-25-13 Festival Like most festivals, there were plenty of venders selling their crafts. Others selling an assortment of food, which is where we had our lunch. We walked along the assortment of vendors to the tunes of a live band playing. A couple hours later we headed back home, a 20 mile ride.

Gary cleaned the “catch of the day” and on the grill the shrimp and clams went.

2015-01-25-14 Fish House Dinner 2015-01-25-14 Shrimp n Clams Those were some huge shrimp and very tasty! The clam, I was a little hesitant to eat, but after dipping it in the melted butter and garlic I enjoyed a few of them.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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