Thursday, February 5, 2015

Maiden Boat Voyage

My buddy Gary is looking at purchasing a pontoon boat for some fun on “Lettuce Lake” which is just behind our RV Park. Our managers of the park told him that they would be willing to sell him their pontoon boat, but first Gary had to take it out for a “spin up the lake”.

20150202_Gary n Cheryl's new boat. So we hooked it up to my pickup and down to the boat ramp we went, which is only a 2 minute drive from our park.

2015-02-01 Captain Gary Gary was pleased with the way the boat handled, so I know he is going to purchase it for some future fun times on the Lettuce Lake.

2015-02-01 Lettuce Lake Palms Lettuce Lake looks to us like a river, not a lake. Heavy brush and vegetation growth right up to the water.

2015-02-01 Tropical Beach (9) Gators have been spotted by other boaters so we kept a sharp eye open. We didn’t see any gators, but did see a turtle.

2015-02-01 Lettuce Lake Palms (2) Lettuce Lake has many branches that one could get lost on if not careful. So as Gary piloted the ship, I kept an eye on the Google maps from my phone, and did the navigating.

We did come up to what looked like a very small sandy beach.

2015-02-01 Tropical Beach (1) As we got closer we did discover others had been here before. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a gator or two had been here also.

2015-02-01 Tropical Beach (3)It was a nice discovery on our maiden voyage, but I don’t think we will be bringing the wives with us for a day at this beach.

We are looking forward to the day when we can bring the wives with us and enjoy a fun filled day on the boat.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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