Saturday, February 21, 2015

Vacation for Daughter Angel and Granddaughter Brooke

Another week that just flew by way too fast. Angel and Brooke arrived last Thursday evening, 2/12 and had to catch a flight back home today 2/20.

The first day we just sat around the RV soaking up the sunshine, and enjoying the RV park. Saturday 2/14 we headed to Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda.

2015-02-14 11.50.01

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There some souvenirs were bought and boats to look at along a pier with Palm Trees.

2015-02-14 11.55.06 As an added treat we watched a Charter Captain filet a couple fish for a customer.

2015-02-14 12.07.08 2015-02-14 12.02.38 From there we headed to the Ponce De Leon Nature Center. A bird sanctuary with amazing birds were on display.

P2140046  From this little owl, to this owl.

 2015-02-14 12.36.22 2015-02-14 12.42.12 Just about every bird found here in Florida is at the sanctuary.

From there a stop to check out the small beach. I can’t call it a beach as there was no way to get to the water with a steel sea wall, but the view is great.

2015-02-14 13.08.48 On Monday we headed to Ft. Myers Beach. This beach is one of our favorites, but you have to arrive early to beat the traffic and find a parking spot. We arrived by 10am which was almost too late! When we left around 2pm, there was a 4 mile back up of traffic wanting to get to the beach. Lucky for us there was no traffic leaving the beach.

2015-02-16 13.26.2820150216_123225 20150216_123551 Even though the cool temperatures kept you out of the Gulf waters, the warm sun made for a great day on the beach. Catching all that wonderful sunshine made us hungry for lunch, so we headed to our favorite beach front restaurant Nemos.


20150216_11040420150216_110538 What a great open air restaurant! The food we had was well worth the price paid. 20150216_114028 The serving of Nacho’s was enough for 4 people!20150216_114017I had the hot wings. When I ordered, I asked for the “Hot” sauce. The waiter warned me that they make their own sauce and the Hot version is really hot. So I ordered the medium heat sauce, which was almost more heat than I could take! But they were delicious!

The kids stay was winding down and there was yet another beach that needed to be explored. Englewood Beach is where one can actually find Shark teeth, and Brooke didn’t waste any time finding a handful.20150218_104655 P2180028

20150218_104931The weather was not the best as the cold front moved in from the North. Winds were blowing 30 MPH so we had to keep our hoodie’s on.P2180034But that didn’t stop Nana and Brooke from taking a “dip” in the Gulf! P2180032

Heading home we stopped at a local restaurant near our RV park. The Navigator is known for it’s “Big Fish Sandwich” which I just had to try. We were told that it’s so big it would feed 2 so Wilma and I split one, which was plenty for each of us.

20150218_133658P2180040We had to taste the “Gator Bites” above. Angel was so funny as she ate one. She kept her eyes closed and kept telling herself “I’m not eating Alligator”. P2180045      But we all did like them….well maybe Angel didn’t.  Another great “Old Florida” business with plenty of history, great food and drinks. P2180037P218003920150218_134318

As I write this blog, they are both back home in Cold, Cold Michigan. Wilma and I already miss them, and the fun they bring with them.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.  

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