Monday, March 23, 2015

A Visitor Last Night

The RV Park is starting to empty for the summer. Each day now for the past week there has been at least one RV leaving. Yesterday evening my best buddy Gary left and headed North. He is planning on stopping in Nashville for a few days to visit a cousin before returning home to the cold of Michigan.

We are not really looking forward to our return trip back to Michigan this year. Been watching the weather there and it’s still getting down in the 20’s at night! Come on already! Enough with the winter temps.

Our weather here has been getting up in the low 90’s this past week, and down in the upper 60’s low 70’s at night. These temperatures allow us to keep our windows open all night now, enjoying the fresh humid air. By around 2PM the AC has to be turned on to keep our home comfortable. Plus our Pug just can’t take the heat when it’s in the 90’s.

We had a visitor come visit us sometime in the wee hours of the night! While walking Kybee around our site first thing in the morning, I noticed some ground dug up. 20150322_095212 20150322_095228 Seems we had a visit from one of the many Armadillo that are native to this area. I guess he was just checking to see if we had any grubs or bugs to feed him. :-)

We have turned in our reservation request for next year. Planning on arriving on December 15th, a week earlier than this year. But as the saying goes, our plans for our travels are always “written in jell-o” as we never know if something may arise to change our plans.

We also have planned on taking a different route home. We will only be on I-75 to just South of the Georgia border where we will pick up I-10. We will travel through Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, a very small portion of Ohio, getting back on I-75 just South of Toledo. We look forward to missing Atlanta, GA. Cincinnati, OH. and Dayton, OH. Hopefully we will miss all the “Snowbird” traffic heading North.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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