Sunday, March 8, 2015

Black and White

Every year, Russ, puts on an event to help the local charities. He calls it the “Black and White” function. You are encouraged to wear something that has black and white in it. It’s a big hit and every year more and more join in the help him make the event a success.

Jack and Russ Those attending bring “finger food” and a gift to be auctioned off. All proceeds go to a local charity here in Arcadia.

20150028_Wilma, Cheryl, keeping the food supplied There was more food brought than what could be consumed. Another showing how generous everyone is.

This is our third year here at the park, and each year the amount of donated gifts keep growing.Donated gifts to be auctionedThis year there was also two kinds of “Punch”. Jim Beam mix or Bourbon mix would be everyone’s choice. 20150228_Gary, Fred, GregGary, Greg and myself were ready to help with the serving of the punch. It didn’t take long for the three punch bowls to be emptied. This is Russ’s idea of helping to loosen up the wallets of those bidding on items. ;)

Russ always does a great job as the MC always first thanking everyone for their generosity in supplying the gifts and attending with their bids. He continues with thanking all those who pitch in to help him with this event as one person could not accomplish it. He always seems to lighten things up then by telling a joke, and reminding everyone that every cent received will go to the local charity and anyone wishing to go with him the following day are welcomed.

As no one knows who donated what, or what the gifts are, you actually bid on an unknown gift by site only. Russ takes a gift, one at a time, and the bidding begins. Russ as the Auctioneer Sometimes he looks in a package and makes comments on “how this would be great for a gal”. But never gives out any ideas as to what the gift is. Even some of his comments are all in fun when they don’t pertain to the “clue” he may give us.

Another very successful “Black and White” was accomplished this year. Everyone had a wonderful time. Almost everyone left with a gift they won, and everyone had smiles on their faces.

Russ surpassed the donation amount that was raised last year. This year a little over $2300.00 was raised!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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