Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Yesterday was a perfect Florida day weather wise. The temperature hit the 90’s. Even with the breeze we had to turn on the AC. Our Pug, Kybee, just can’t take that kind of heat and spent most of the day in the trailer. 20150310_140938 As our patio faces West, it was a little too warm to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Greg, our neighbor behind us invited us over to join them on their patio. Denny and Kathy also joined in, and we had a small “happy hour” just “shooting the breeze”. :-)

As I was looking to my left at Wilma, I noticed something moving in the grass. My suspicion was correct as I hurriedly walked over to see what it was. A 4 foot Black Snake Everyone came over to check out the snake, keeping their distance from him. He is poisonless but can still bite.  20150310_161500 The photo above you can see how close he was to our patio. He was going to go up the Orchard tree until he saw me approaching him to get these photo’s. 20150310_161547-001 He knew I spotted him and left the tree, but not before he coiled up a bit and checked me out. He didn't like my presence After the above photo, I backed away from taking any more photo’s and he went on his way. We kept an eye on him as he left because at first we thought he was going to head for our friends Denny and Kathy’s trailer next door. And Denny really hates snakes! :-)

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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