Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Water/Cell Phones

I always used to have a “holster” to carry my cell phone. But on our way to Florida this year I had an idea to carry the phone in my pocket. The reason is that I knew I would be changing from jeans to shorts and back to jeans in a day as the temperatures changed. Much less hassle.

The other day the temps went up to the mid 80’s and I just knew it was a pool day. So in changing into my trunks, by habit, the cell phone went into my left hand pocket without a thought about it.

At pool side, Wilma was already in enjoying the refreshing pool water. I kicked off the Crocks and headed for the pool. Walked right in without a thought. After about a half hour Wilma mentioned that I would have to phone someone later. Then it hit home. I said to her with a straight face, no expression, “I have my phone in my pocket”. I guess the way I said it so calmly Wilma didn’t believe me. (I guess she just knew I wasn’t that absent minded.) Then I reached below the water, into my pocket brought up the ruined phone.

That ended my swim for the day, as I exited the pool and got ready to head for the Verizon store.

Thankfully I had the “insurance” on the phone! So I just made a claim, and authorized a deductable payment ($149.00) for a new phone. Much better than the retail price of around $625.00 for a new phone. I should have the new phone in hand within three days.

Thank goodness Wilma has a tablet. I can still get on the internet and take care of business! I’m still having withdrawal not having my “smart phone” on me. Worse than what it would feel like walking around with only one shoe on!

So, even though it was a $149.00 mistake putting the phone in my pocket, the insurance came in handy this time. Yes…..I’m going back to my holster when I get my new phone!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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